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The Catalyst

The Catalyst is the student-run news site at D'Youville. It is funded and supported by the Student Government Association.

The Catalyst is the student-run newspaper at D’Youville. Content in The Catalyst is created, edited, and maintained by the D’Youville student body. The Catalyst welcomes all students to get involved and join us in telling the continuing story of D'Youville, our campus and neighborhood, and our home city of Buffalo, NY.

We are dedicated to telling the stories of our fellow students and passionate about involving everyone in the activities and clubs of our student body.

The Catalyst is by you, for you. Submit an article, pitch an idea, join us.

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Stay up to date with campus news and culture by reading The Catalyst.

Read the Catalyst

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Be part of the fun!

Submit whatever interests you — whether it's articles, photography, drawing cartoons, poetry, or even puzzles. No matter your background, we welcome submissions for publication.


All submissions should be typed and must include the author’s name — which will be printed unless special arrangements are made. Submissions become the property of The Catalyst and are subject to the editors’ approval. The Catalyst reserves the right to edit, print or to not print any submissions.

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The opinions expressed in The Catalyst are not necessarily the views of D’Youville, the Student Government Association, or The Catalyst.