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Student Government Association

Students socializing outside.

The Student Government Association addresses student concerns and issues as the voice of the D'Youville student body.

The elected governing body of the Student Government Association is the senate, which is comprised of an executive council and senators representing part-time students, graduate students, and students from each of the four classes.

The Student Government Association administers the student activity fee which funds leadership programs, student activities, the D'Youville calendar and resource guide, orientation, club events, and athletics. The senate meets twice a month and the meetings are open to all students.

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Student Government Association

Location: College Center
Phone: 716-829-7685

Student Government Association Committees

The Student Government Association committees are composed of SGA senators and members-at-large. Members-at-large are students who have not been elected to hold a particular position but who are active on these committees. All students are invited to become members-at-large and serve on a committee of their interest.

Athletics Committee

Promotes and supports athletic events while striving to provide a spirited fan base for our Saint athletes. The committee is also responsible for intramural events and working with any sport/athletic-based clubs which have been or are seeking official recognition from the Student Government Association. They also report to the SGA Senate any issues or concerns pertaining to athletics.

Love sports? Join this committee.

Catalyst Committee

Responsible for the publication of the student news source, The Catalyst. In addition to providing stories of what’s happening on campus, there are reoccurring columns related to restaurant reviews, SGA events, Saint sports, and editorials. The editors are elected by the SGA Senate, but staff positions are open to the entire D'Youville community. This committee is always looking for writers and photographers.

Read the current issue to find out more.

Issues Committee

Serves as an advocate and voice for student concerns. The members of this committee are responsible for presenting problems and concerns brought forth by students and for investigating those concerns with the appropriate D'Youville personnel or SGA members. The committee surveys the student body on a regular basis to obtain opinions and feedback on matters which impact their experience.

Be a voice for enhancing the D'Youville experience by joining this committee.

Programming Committee

Responsible for planning, promoting and organizing events on campus and supporting club events. This committee is one of the most active groups on campus.

If you like to be creative and active and are interested in meeting new people, then the programming committee is for you.

Public Relations Committee

In charge of the promotion of SGA and all special events sponsored by SGA. These events include, but are not limited to: SGA Elections, Club Day, Caring Campaign and Community Cleanup. The committee also assists in the management of SGA’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

If you are creative and enjoy marketing this committee will keep you engaged.