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At D'Youville, we're committed to your success and we are dedicated to ensuring our students experience a well-rounded and engaged college experience.

All first time in college students and first-year transfer students are required to live on campus until their sophomore year, at which point they may choose to commute, and all incoming students in the Physician Assistant and Occupational Therapy programs are required to live on campus for the first two years of study.

The Office of Student Engagement & Housing is an extension of the educational services which the university provides and offers students integral psychological development and valuable life skills through the residential curriculum. These skills include conflict resolution, civic engagement, adaptability, respect, compromise, and accepting the ideas and worth of those from diverse backgrounds.

Additionally, the Office of Student Engagement & Housing offers Living-Learning Communities which are derived from national statistics that show students who live in residence halls tend to perform better academically, acclimate more rapidly to the collegiate environment, engage in more developmental opportunities, and are more satisfied with their overall experience.

Students looking for a way to connect with like-minded peers will also have the opportunity to join in themed living experiences.  Traditional themes include leadership development and social justice, but students are also able to work with staff on creating new themes for the year – athletics, urban exploration, health and wellness, and eSports are all examples of possibilities – bring your passion and join others with similar interests.

Living on campus also provides students full and convenient access to the complete D’Youville experience – enjoying late night study time inside of The Park, grabbing a delicious meal with friends in The Commons, cheering on the Saints in an NCAA Division II game, attending a lecture series or party, and so much more. Living on campus is more than a room with a bed – it’s an experience.


Students who wish to speak about an exception to the housing requirement must meet one of the following circumstances and may contact the Office of Student Engagement & Housing to learn how to be released from their housing assignment:

  • Married students (with proof of marriage certificate);
  • Veterans and active duty service members (with proof of military service);
  • Students who have dependent children or dependent family members (with proof of a tax return);
  • Students who are under the age of 16 or over the age of 26 before September 1 of their first academic year;
  • Students who have a medical housing need that cannot be reasonably accommodated by the university;
  • Canadian commuter students (with proof of Canadian residency);
  • Dependents of D’Youville faculty and staff.

Students who do not have proof of one of the above circumstances will not be permitted to live off campus.

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These requirements are applicable to the following students:

  first time in college
 transfer first-years 
physician assistant
  occupational therapy 

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