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students at interfaith hooding

Graduation is a joyous occasion.

Every May, D'Youville holds one formal commencement ceremony (degree conferral) and Interfaith Hooding Service for students receiving bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees. We look forward to welcoming families and friends of D'Youville graduates to join in graduation festivities!

This schedule represents a previous commencement ceremony. An updated schedule for the 2016-17 commencement will be posted at the appropriate time.

2015-16 Academic Year

The commencement ceremony for the 2015-2016 academic year took place on Saturday, May 21, 2016, at 9 AM at Kleinhans Music Hall. Tickets are required for the commencement ceremony due to limited seating.

Graduation Rehearsal & Alumni Association Lunch

Graduation Rehearsal

Thursday, May 19, 10:00 AM rehearsal
Location: Kleinhans Music Hall

Alumni Association Lunch

Lunch at 11:30 AM
Location: Kuhrt Dining Hall, College Center

Lunch is free of charge for graduates and family members who are D’Youville alumni. There is a $15 cost for other friends and family who would like to attend with you.

Reservations are required. Reserve your spot by Friday, May 13, 2016.

Make your reservation

Interfaith hooding Service

Interfaith Hooding Service

Friday, May 20, 7:30 PM, lineup begins at 7:00 PM


Holy Angels Church
348 Porter Ave
Buffalo, NY 14201

About the Interfaith Hooding Service

D'Youville College's Interfaith Hooding Service reflects both the religious traditions of the college and the academic degree that each student earns.

At this ecumenical service, each student has the academic hood placed upon them by a faculty member, which represents the student's official entrance into the academic community. The hood itself bears the colors of D'Youville College (red and white), as well as the special colored velvet trim noting your field of academic achievement.

Register to Participate

To participate in the Interfaith Hooding Service, graduating students must contact Lori Stutzman by Monday, April 11, 2016 at or 716-829-8100.


Saturday, May 21, 9:00 AM, lineup begins at 8:15 AM. Doors open at 8:00 AM.

Location: Kleinhans Music Hall

Tickets are required

Tickets are required. Each graduating student who registers their attendance will receive a total of five tickets, which includes one for him or herself. Each graduating student will also receive five graduation announcements.

Register to Participate

Students must contact Lori Stutzman by Monday, April 11, 2016, to indicate whether they will or will not attend: or (716) 829-8100.

Download the Graduation Information Packet (PDF), which has all of the information and forms you'll need to graduate.

Dr. Carolyn Y. Woo, commencement speaker
Dr. Carolyn Y. Woo, president and CEO of Catholic Relief Services, delivered D'Youville College's May 2016 commencement speach.


Those eligible to participate in the commencement are:

  • December 2015 graduates
  • May 2016 graduates
  • August 2016 graduates

Please note that certificate-only students are not eligible.

August & December graduates

No matter when you graduate (May, August or December), D'Youville holds one formal graduation ceremony for undergraduate and graduate students.

December Graduates

Any student (undergraduate or graduate) who completes their studies the prior December is eligible to take part in the May graduation ceremony of that academic year. For example, a student who completes their degree program in December 2015 is eligible to attend the May 2016 commencement activities.

Please note: Your name will appear in the graduation program as a December graduate.

August Graduates

Those students (undergraduate or graduate) who anticipate completing their degree program by August are eligible to attend the May graduation ceremony. For example, a student who completes their degree program in August 2016 is eligible to attend the May 2016 commencement activities.

Please note: Your name will appear in the graduation program as an August graduate. You will not receive your diploma until all program requirements are completed.

Check with the Registrar

All students must be cleared by the Office of the Registrar to be certain that they have completed all the requirements for graduation or can realistically complete the requirements for their degree by August at the latest. Inclusion in the graduation program is solely determined by the Registrar.


Congratulation on your upcoming graduation! Follow the steps below to make sure you stay on track to graduate.

Check my progress in self-service

Confirm that your major is listed correctly on My Progress in self-service. What is listed in My Progress in self-service is the major and degree that will appear on your diploma and in the graduation program. If you are in two majors or 2 degree programs or have a minor, these will also be listed in My Progress in self-service. If your degree/major/minor is listed incorrectly or not listed on my progress in self-service, contact the Office of the Registrar. Confirm that all your requirements are either completed or in progress. If you have any requirements that are not started, see your adviser to ensure you graduate on time. 

submit application for graduation

To apply to graduate, you'll need to complete the application for graduation online at the beginning of the semester prior to the semester in which you intend to graduate. If you're a senior, that means you'll submit your application at the start of the fall semester of your last year.

Two Majors or Dual Degree programs

If you have two majors or are in a dual degree program or will be receiving two degrees, please submit an application for each major/degree.


Completion of the Application for Graduation establishes you as a degree candidate and initiates a review of your credentials. You will receive notification from your advisor only if you are missing any requirements.



Please keep in mind the following deadlines as you prepare for the graduation ceremony and related events.

Monday, April 11

Monday, April 11

  • Deadline for notifying Vice President for Student Affairs regarding your attendance at the Interfaith Hooding Service and/or Commencement ceremony. Contact, CC119, 716-829-8100.
  • Deadline to clear your account with the Student Accounts Office, KAB 211, 716-829-7877 and with the Library, 716-829-7618.

Monday, April 11 to Monday, May 2

  • Pick up your Commencement tickets and announcements from Lori Stutzman, secretary to the Vice President for Student Affairs, CC 119, 716-829-8100. Please contact us if you cannot pick them up during regular office hours, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, and need special arrangements.
  • Each graduate will receive five tickets and announcements, including one of each for yourself.

Monday, May 2

  • Last day to return the press release form which allows for release of information about your graduation to your local media sources. Return to Lori Stutzman, CC119.

Friday, May 13

Monday, May 2 to Friday, May 19

Thursday, May 19

Friday, May 20

Saturday, May 21

Academic Attire Order

You are required to have academic attire to participate in the Interfaith Hooding Service and Commencement events.

Dress Code


For women, academic attire includes the academic gown, hood, cap and dark shoes, preferably black. A dark dress or slacks and blouse are highly recommended.


For men, this attire consists of the academic gown, hood, cap, tie, shirt, dress slacks and dark shoes, preferably black.

Academic Hood

The academic hood is not worn until it is officially placed on each student by a faculty member at Friday's Interfaith Hooding Service.

The Tassel

The tassel is worn on the left side until the very end of the graduation ceremony.

Cap, Gown & Hood Orders

The cap, gown and hood that is required for the Interfaith Hooding Service and Commencement will be available from the College Bookstore on a sales basis only.

The cost for graduate's academic regalia (cap, gown, and hood) is as follows:

  • Bachelor degrees: $91.14**
  • Master degrees: $105.81**
  • Doctoral degrees: $151.90**

Students must place orders by Monday, April 11

The regalia will be ready for pickup at the College Bookstore between May 2 and May 19.

If you have questions, please contact the College Bookstore at 716-829-7666. Orders may be placed by phone, 716-829-7666, via email at, or via our website at

If you place orders via e-mail or our website, please give us your name, highest degree you’re getting, and your specific area of academic achievement.


Directions and parking at Kleinhans Music Hall
Where to stay (lodging)


Call us at 716-829-8100 or visit us on campus at College Center 118/119.

Robert "Butch" Murphy

Lori Stutzman

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