Web Guidelines

Members of D'Youville's Content Publishing Team should use these guidelines for managing their department's website.

Submit a request for website edits.

Web Content Management System

OU Campus is a content management system used by 45 content contributors at D'Youville College on www.dyc.edu. It is an easy-to-learn tool for updating Web pages from any Web browser. No additional software installation is needed.

Request Access

To edit pages on the DYC website, you must have a valid user id in order to become a part of the College's Content Publishing Team. To request a user id for the system and training, create a Help Desk Request.

Request Edits On Your Site

If your department does not have a content publisher, you can request edits to be made to your site by creating a Help Desk Request. Staff members in the College's Web Services office will work with you to edit the site content to meet your requirements.


Adobe PDF file Beginner CMS Training (PDF)

Adobe PDF file Uploading Documents CMS Training (PDF)

Adobe PDF file Set Up Google Analytics in OU Campus (PDF)

Web Style Guide

Website text for your department website should follow these style guidelines.

adobe pdf file Web Style Guide (PDF)

Web Colors

adobe pdf file Web Colors Guide (PDF)

Web Fonts

adobe pdf file Web Fonts Guide (PDF)


Link to Buildings on the Campus Map

Use these custom URLs to link building names to our new Interactive Campus Map and Virtual Tour:

Internal Links 

In OUCampus, to create a link highlight the text you want to link and then click the link icon in the toolbar. Navigate to /admissions/tour.aspx and select it. OUCampus will automatically convert the link to a dependency manager link and then you will need to manually append the marker (stop ID) for the building. (The dependency manager automatically converts a link to the correct URL even if we move or rename pages in the system.)

KAB: ?marker=6607
BFAC: ?marker=6851
ALT: ?marker=6852
APT: ?marker=6562
DAC: ?marker=6853
DEC: ?marker=6610
LIB: ?marker=6854
MAD: ?marker=6608
CC: ?marker=6855
MGT: ?marker=6612
NIA: ?marker=6613
SASE: ?marker=9023
ATH: ?marker=9024
DYCCHC: ?marker=6762
BNMC-IC: ?marker=6761

External Links (for sites other than DYC.EDU)

KAB: http://www.dyc.edu/admissions/tour.aspx?marker=6607
BFAC: http://www.dyc.edu/admissions/tour.aspx?marker=6851
ALT: http://www.dyc.edu/admissions/tour.aspx?marker=6852
APT: http://www.dyc.edu/admissions/tour.aspx?marker=6562
DAC: http://www.dyc.edu/admissions/tour.aspx?marker=6853
DEC: http://www.dyc.edu/admissions/tour.aspx?marker=6610
LIB: http://www.dyc.edu/admissions/tour.aspx?marker=6854
MAD: http://www.dyc.edu/admissions/tour.aspx?marker=6608
CC: http://www.dyc.edu/admissions/tour.aspx?marker=6855
MGT: http://www.dyc.edu/admissions/tour.aspx?marker=6612
NIA: http://www.dyc.edu/admissions/tour.aspx?marker=6613
SASE: http://www.dyc.edu/admissions/tour.aspx?marker=9023
ATH: http://www.dyc.edu/admissions/tour.aspx?marker=9024
DYCCHC: http://www.dyc.edu/admissions/tour.aspx?marker=6762
BNMC-IC: http://www.dyc.edu/admissions/tour.aspx?marker=6761

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