Photography & Video

Policies and Guidelines

The majority of the photographs on the D'Youville website are taken by professional photographers.

Get Consent

Any time an individual will be recognizable in a photo or in video, you need to obtain written consent in the form of a model release. Store the signed model release in your department's files.

Adding New Images To Your Website

It is possible to have Image Galleries and/or new photography added to your department's website to illustrate interesting events like conferences, graduating students and community service events.

  • In some cases, Web Services can photograph or videotape events for you with staff resources. Please provide at least two week's notice (to schedule, email Roma Mandzyk at or extension 7513.
  • We can also provide resources such as local professional photographers depending on the event/purpose (allow at least 3 week's notice).
  • We can accept photographs from departments for inclusion on webpage/s as an image gallery, or other appropriate use. See tips for photography below.

Quick Tips

Photos or video with poor lighting, audio or bad quality are not going to give the best possible impression of your department. Start with a quality camera and follow these basic tips:

  • Fill the frame with your subject/s
  • Think about composition. Move that garbage can or other unappealing items out of the frame.
  • Shoot with the sun or lighting source behind you.
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