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Every employee and department at D'Youville College is listed in the online College Campus Directory.

Information from the online Campus Directory is published at the start of the academic year as a printed directory, distributed to all DYC employees.

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Faculty Update Your Profile Regularly

Faculty profiles draw prospective students and faculty to our school. They communicate our academic strengths and support the stories and press releases we publish. If you're a faculty member, review your profile to make sure contact information, credentials, awards, publications, and other data stay current.

Administrative Staff

If you are an administrative person in a department or school, periodically check to make sure all faculty/staff are current (i.e. people who have left D'Youville are removed from the database and new employees have been added).

Check to make sure your department's listing is accurate and up to date.

Encourage employees in your department to review, update and provide a professional style photo for their profile.

Portraits for Web Profiles

If you would like a professional-style photograph taken, contact:

It is possible to set up portrait photography sessions for departments at specific times, such as before or after a faculty meeting.

How to Update Your Profile

You can update your employee directory listing and faculty biography using the D'Youville Employee Profile Management.

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