Alumni Awards 

The Alumni Association sponsors several awards to recognize D'Youville students and graduates for their contributions.

Lee Conroy Higgins Award

The Lee Conroy Higgins Award is named for the late Elizabeth Conroy Higgins, '30, who served as director of alumni relations until 1972. This award, presented at Honors Convocation, is the highest student recognition given by the alumni. It is presented to a senior or fourth-year student who has demonstrated outstanding concern for fellow students and involvement in campus activities. Final selection is made by a committee composed of students, faculty, administrators and alumni.

Delta Sigma Award/Marguerite d'Youville Honor Society

The Delta Sigma Award and membership in the Marguerite d'Youville Honor Society is bestowed upon alumni who exemplify the qualities apparent in the life of Saint Marguerite d'Youville. The annual honorees are graduates who have improved the quality of life of others through service in family, church, D'Youville College, civic activities, and national or international endeavors. This award is presented by the Alumni Association. For more information regarding this award please contact the alumni relations office, via email, or by phone at (716) 829-7808.

Young Alum Award

The Alumni Association established The Young Alum Award to recognize an alumnus/alumna who graduated within the past 10 years, has distinguished himself/herself among his or her peers and has potential for continued success in his or her chosen profession. In addition, the nominee must be actively engaged in community service or service to the College. Nominations must be submitted to the Office of Alumni Relations by March 1. Young Alum Award nomination criteria and instructions (PDF).

Anne Lum Award

The Anne Lum Award is named for Anne Ryan Lum, '24, whose volunteer service resulted in the establishment of the Loyalty Fund. The award is presented to a graduate who has achieved distinction through professional achievement, involvement in community affairs, service to D'Youville College, or any combination of these factors. Nominations must be submitted to the Office of Alumni Relations by April 1. Ann Lum Award nomination instructions(PDF).

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