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General Education Mobile (GEM) Program

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Fulfill your General Education Mobile (GEM) requirements online anytime and anywhere with a partnership between D’Youville and the Community College of the Air Force.

As a leader in liberal arts education and an institution that consistently ranks in the top five for veterans, D’Youville College is proud to partner with the Community College of the Air Force to offer courses as part of the General Education Mobile (GEM) program.

Benefits of D'Youville's Online GEM Program

General education courses provide the foundation for your college studies, and D’Youville’s military-friendly structure is designed to promote your success as you work toward earning your associate’s degree. D’Youville College provides specific advantages to GEM students:

  • D’Youville College is consistently ranked in the top five as a military-friendly school because of the environment the college provides to its military-aligned students and its willingness to work with students to ensure success. 
  • With D'Youville's flexible, online GEM program, you can organize your learning to accommodate your schedule and work towards earning your associate's degree from CCAF in a way that best suits you.
  • On campus or off, as a military-aligned student at D'Youville you're never alone with the College's dedicated Veterans Affairs Office – always ready and willing to spearhead any problem a student may encounter.
  • For students looking to continue their studies after they earn their associate's, D'Youville offers a number of bachelor's degree programs, and the credits you've already earned here are guaranteed to transfer when you decide to take the next step towards earning your bachelor's. 


Applying to D’Youville is a simple, swift process and completely free for all veterans and active duty service members. To apply:

Complete and save our simple, online registration form:

Complete and save the online FERPA General Information Form:

Email the forms to the Veterans Affairs Office:

These forms are fillable online, but individuals wanting to fill them out on paper may do so and fax them to: 716-829-7784. If you encounter any problems in the process or have any questions, feel free to contact the Veterans Affairs Office.

Students Receiving NYS Tuition Assistance

Students utilizing New York State Tuition Assistance should apply as a matriculated student using D'Youville's standard application method.

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Location: KAB 217

M-F: 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM

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Steven Fink, VOSS Program Coordinator

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Online General Education Mobile (GEM) Courses

Choose from these 15-week courses to complete your GEM requirements.

Course List

Oral Communication Requirement (3 Credits)
Course Number Course Name Credits
SPE 201

Public Speaking

This is an introduction to speaking before groups and includes techniques of speech preparation and delivery,adapting to the purpose of the speaking situation,and practice in various types of oral presentation in a comfortable workshop atmosphere.

Prequisites: None

Written Communication Requirement (3 Credits)
Course Number Course Name Credits
ENG 112

Liberal Arts Seminar: Research Writing

This course teaches academic research skills and writing based on a liberal arts topic. Topics vary by instructor.

Prequisites: None

Social Sciences Requirement (3 Credits)
Course Number Course Name Credits
HIS 103

Comparing World Civilizations

This course surveys the origins and growth of the Confucian, Islamic and Western worlds, and examines how a concentration of political and economic ideas and technologies allowed temporary Western dominance. This course meets the core requirement in history.

Prequisites: None

PSC 201

American Government & Economics

This course is a study of the American political and economic systems including the theories underlying them, political parties, pressure groups, the money system, the credit system and the relations between government and the economy. This course meets the core requirements in political science/economics.

Prequisites: None

PSY 203

Developmental Psychology

This course explores milestones of physical,cognitive and psychosocial development from conception through old age. Emphasis is placed on global principles that guide human growth and change across the lifespan. The course meets the core requirement in psychology.

Prequisites: None

SOC 101

Principles of Sociology

This course examines interactions among individuals and groups within institutions. Attention is paid to the role of the state and the super-state in perpetuating social stratification in both North America and globally,and how unequal power relations organize society and shape identities. The ways in which individuals negotiate their lives in different social and economic contexts are also considered. Fundamental sociological concepts are investigated, such as culture,socialization, stratification,social structure,social institutions,and social interactions.

Prequisites: None

Humanities Requirement (3 Credits)
Course Number Course Name Credits
PHI 214

Challenges of Death

This course examines the ways that death challenges human meaning and action. Topics include the meaning of suffering and death, challenges of death to morality, psychological spiritual processes of dying and bereavement are considered.

Prequisites: None

RS 201

Religion & Social Responsibility

The nature and principles of religious ethics in the Judeo-Christian tradition are explored with an emphasis on historical and contemporary attitudes of religion towards social responsibility. Topics for discussion include: sexuality,identity,power,violence,war,racism and medical ethics.

Prequisites: None

FA 218

History of Western Art

This course studies the major trends in the visual arts of Europe from antiquity to the present. Forms, symbols and images of the artistic styles will be illustrated on selected works of each historical period.

Prequisites: None

Mathematics Requirements (3 Credits)
Course Number Course Name Credits
MAT 123

Introduction to Applied Statistics

This course includes the underlying fundamental mathematical principles and their application to a wide range of statistical methods and tests. Included are the following: sampling, frequency distributions, probability, regression,confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, t-test, analysis of variance, chi-square and correlation. Existent computer software such as MiniTab is utilized by students to aid and facilitate the analysis of results. Not open to those who have taken MAT 120

Prequisites: one computer science course or take 1 course fromPHY-101L PHY-103L or PHY-111L


Learn About the Resources, Grants, and Programs Available to Veterans

More veterans enroll at D'Youville College than any other school in Western New York. Use the resources below to see why so many members of the military, veteran, and veteran-dependent students choose this school.