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Find quick answers to your frequently asked questions about the Higher Education Opportunity Program at D'Youville.


How do i know if i am eligible for the HEOP program?

First, complete the HEOP Financial Eligibility Worksheet. Second, you must meet the academic and income guidelines. Each New York State college and university has the same income guidelines, but different academic requirements.

How many spaces are available in D'Youville's HEOP program?

There are approximately 15 spaces available for incoming first year in college students and there may also be 1-2 spaces available for transfer students each year.

I just learned about HEOP and I completed one semester of college. Am I eligible?

No. You have to be in the EOP/HEOP program from the very beginning of your academic journey at the college level. If you begin college as a regularly admitted student, you are no longer eligible for HEOP.

I'm a transfer student from an EOP or HEOP, am I automatically accepted?

No. After being accepted by D'Youville, you will need to complete the Transfer Verification Form. Your form will be reviewed and applicant acceptance into the program is then based on space and remaining HEOP funds.

I graduated as an EOP/HEOP with a bachelor's degree. Is there HEOP funding for graduate studies at D'Youville?

No. HEOP Funding is not available for students in graduate programs at private colleges or universities. You may be eligible for a tuition waiver at a SUNY school as a HEOP graduate.

Will my siblings be eligible for HEOP?

Siblings of current HEOP students may also be eligible for the HEOP program as long as the financial eligibility of the family still meets required guidelines and the sibling(s) is academically disadvantaged (GPA/SAT/ACT Scores and/or Academic Program Admission).

Applying to HEOP

How do I apply?

  1. You must complete the D'Youville Application and indicate that you are interested in the HEOP program in the appropriate section.
  2. Please complete and submit the HEOP Financial Eligibility Worksheet. You will be contacted after your D'Youville application and form have been reviewed.

Do I have to complete the FAFSA if I am applying to HEOP?

Yes. Annually, all students MUST complete the federal FAFSA form beginning in January. After you indicate that you want your FAFSA sent to D'Youville, you will receive an email from the NYS HESC Department. You are required to review and complete the NYS TAP form that is found on the HESC website.

Does HEOP require an interview?

Yes. Our HEOP admissions team will learn more about you during your mandatory interview for HEOP.

How will i know if i am accepted?

You will receive an acceptance letter from the HEOP office confirming your acceptance and outlining the next steps to take.

Financial Aid

Will I have to take out loans as an HEOP student?

Possibly. However, if you receive outside scholarship funding, you can lower or eliminate your loan amount.

how many years of financial aid are available for HEOP students?

Five years, however, students can graduate in less than five years.

Does HEOP cover the cost of textbooks?

Yes, however, we encourage students to purchase textbooks online if possible as they are often less expensive.

Are my parents required to help pay for my tuition?

Not if the student's EFC (estimated family contribution), which is determined by the FAFSA form, remains at "0" or is low. If your parents' income dramatically increases once you have become an HEOP student, and as a result your EFC increases, this may affect your status as an HEOP student, and/or require you to increase your loans and/or have your family contribute to tuition.