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Freshmen Admission

Students socializing in the lounge area of the SASE building.

No matter what major you choose, you'll benefit from our small classes and mentor relationships with professors.

If you're looking for classes that are small and personal, taught by professors who are focused on challenging you intellectually and supporting you through the process, D'Youville College may be the right fit for you. Located in the vibrant and friendly city of Buffalo, NY, we are a college community focused on giving back, learning more, and making a difference in the world.

When you apply for admission at D’Youville, we’ll automatically consider you for our merit scholarships. Undergraduate scholarships can cover as much as 50% of your tuition making D'Youville a surprisingly affordable choice.


You'll find contact information on our Admissions Counselors and Staff page.


If you've finished high school, home school or earned a GED you are considered an incoming freshman.