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Fees (Mandatory & Other)

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Student fees are based on full-time or part-time status and enrollment in certain classes and academic programs. 

Mandatory fees

Full-time students

Fee Cost
General Fee $130 per semester
Student Association (SA) Fee $55 per semester
Technology Fee $50 per semester

Part-time students

Fee Cost
General Fee $65 per semester
Student Association (SA) Fee $3.00 per credit hour
Technology Fee $25 per semester



Residence Council Fee

Fee Cost
Residence Council $20 per semester



Tuition Late Fees

Fee Cost
Late payment charge $225
Late registration fee $125
Exceptional Late registration fee $300 after drop/add
Late Withdrawal Fee $125


FEES per school/department


Fee Cost
Full-time Chiropractic General Fee $200 per semester

education (department)

Fee Cost
Student teaching Field Experience (Late application fee) $50


Participating in the coordinated program will require moderate additional costs listed below.

Description Cost
Transportation to SP site* $100/semester (Jr. summer)
$175/semester (Sr. year)
$350/semester (5th year)
Lab coat/ID $50
Thesis Presentation Poster $40
Liability Insurance $50/semester
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Student Membership (encouraged, but optional) $65/year

*Estimated $.50 per mile, with an average trip of 12 miles plus parking.

Health Professions (School of)

Fee Cost
Health Professions Fee $50 per semester

Nursing (school of)

Fee Cost
Nursing Supply Fee $25 per semester (except for the RN-to-BSN program)
Nursing Clinical $65

Testing Fees

Fee Cost
NUR 240 $235
NUR 260 $205
NUR 360 $211.67
NUR 470/471 $205.03
NUR 485 $162.17


Physician Assistant

Lab Fees

Fee Cost
Dietetics Labs $60
Functional Anatomy $365
Human Gross Anatomy $365
OT/PT Labs $60
Other Labs $60

Professional Liability Insurance (Students)

Cost Fee
Student Professional liability insurance $50 per semester

admitted students (acceptance Deposit)

Deposits are non-refundable and applied towards the upcoming semester's tuition.


Fee Cost
all programs (except ADVANCE) $150
ADVANCE Business Management $100
Physician Assistant (transfer) $250
International Student Deposit $500


Fee Cost
All programs (except the ones listed in the table below) $300
Doctorate of Pharmacy (PharmD) $750
International student Deposit $500

Housing deposit

Fee Cost
Housing Deposit $100

**All students residing on campus full time, in either Marguerite Hall or The Apartments, are required to pay a $100 room damage deposit. This deposit is refunded (less any damage charges) after the student withdraws from residence or at the end of the academic year. 

orientation fee

Fee Cost
Undergraduate Orientation $175
Transfer Orientation $50
Graduate Student Orientation $50



Fee Cost
Education Comprehensive Exam $75
Challenge Exam (Written) $240
Challenge Exam (Clinical) $250


Exam Fees - Study Abroad

Fee Course
Non-CAPA Faculty Led Programs $300 per semester
CAPA fall/spring program $1,500 per semester
CAPA summer program $750 per semester

International Student Health Insurance

Fee Cost
August 1, 2016 -  August 1, 2017 $1,956*
January 1, 2016 - August 1, 2016 $1,141*


Audit Fees

fees for D'Youville Alumni

Fee Cost
Undergraduate classes $50 per class
Graduate Classes $100 per class

General audit fee

Fee Cost
Undergraduate classes $725 per class
Graduate Classes $570 per credit

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