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Anatomy Conference

Gross Anatomy Lab at D'Youville College

Medical students from Italy spend over 100 hours in the gross anatomy laboratory at DYC at the annual Mazzotti Conference. 

Italian students
In Italy, medical students only learn gross anatomy dissection from books, models and demonstrations, as there is not a well established donor program in their country.  

The Professor Giovanni Mazzotti Italian-American Conference on Human Anatomy, Research and Healthcare Professions

The Italian-American Conference on Human Anatomy is a annual three-week event that brings visiting students from Italy to the D'Youville campus in July and August since 2010. Due to high demand, an additional annual two-week conference was added in 2013.

During their stay in Buffalo, over 100 medical students spend more than 100 hours in the gross anatomy laboratories at D'Youville. Students also tour medical facilities, spend a day with a local physician and learn about the American Healthcare system. While here, we encourage them to experience all that Western New York has to offer.

Most of our conference attendees are medical students from Italy, however some from Poland, Switzerland and Egypt have also attended. 

7th Annual (2016)

  • July 1 - 13 
  • July 14 - August 6

The Mazzotti conference is organized by the Biology and Mathematics Department at D’Youville and was created by Drs. Marion P. Olivieri, and Mary Hurley with strong encouragement by the late Professor Giovanni Mazzotti. 


Call Dr. Marion Olivieri at 716-829-7647 or Kathleen Anderson at 716-829-8163 or email

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