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Study Abroad

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Each of our semester programs and shorter term faculty-led programs are designed to fit into your academic program, giving you a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in another culture while you're still in college.

CAPA Affiliate Programs (Fall, Spring, and Summer Semesters)

Next Steps to Apply

  1. Complete the DYC Study Abroad Application (PDF).
  2. After acceptance by DYC, complete the CAPA online application.
  3. Meet with your academic advisor.
  4. Meet with the Financial Aid Office:
    Email: James Nowak

Faculty-Led Programs


Discover more about our interdisciplinary two week summer program to Buenos Aires, Argentina. This program is open to any student who is interested in learning about Global Health initiatives. Led by faculty in the Pharmacy, Nursing, and Public Health departments, students will take a 3 credit course during the Spring semester followed by an experiential learning trip to Buenos Aires.

Dominican Republic: Spring 2017 - Nursing Mission Trip

Course: NUR 389DR Special Topics in Nursing*
Location: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Dates: January 4-11, 2017
Who can apply: Senior nursing students in good academic standing
Prerequisites: Permission of instructor
Application deadline: September 1, 2016
Contact: Dr. Shannon McCrory-Churchill

*Course may have additional requirements please inquire with contact person.

Ecuador: Spring 2017 - International Pharmacy IPPE Rotation

Course: International Pharmacy IPPE Rotation PMD 856 (0 credit hours providing contact hours for PMD 858 Service Learning & PMD850 Practice IPPE)
Location: Tena, Ecuador
Dates: May 19-28, 2017
Who can apply: Pharmacy students who have successfully completed their second professional year. Rotation experience is also available for pharmacy students completing their APPE rotation.
Prerequisites: N/A
Application deadline: January 31, 2017
Contact: Dr. Kirsten Butterfoss and Dr. Michelle Lewis

Germany, Italy and Switzerland: Spring 2017 - Nursing

Course: NUR 216 Transcultural Nursing and NUR 637 Health Promotion for Adults
Location: Germany, Italy and Switzerland
Dates: March 16-25, 2017 (Spring Break)
Application deadline: December 9, 2016
Contact: Dr. Abigail Mitchell and Dr. Connie Jozwiak-Shields

For more information and to apply:

Italy: May 2017 - "Art and Medicine" Study Abroad Program

D'Youville students from various academic majors can travel to Florence, Italy in May for a two-week experience as part of an exchange program between the University of Florence and DYC. Contact Kathleen Anderson in the Math and Natural Sciences Department for more information about this program.

Read about a student blogger's experience at 2014 Art and Medicine Study Abroad Program

D'Youville news story about the Art and Medicine Program

Next Steps to Apply

  1. Contact the faculty leader to discuss the application process and course enrollment.
  2. Meet with Financial Aid:
    Email: James Nowak

Exchange Programs

Hungarian Exchange Program

D'Youville College and Balassi Bálint Institute for Hungarian Studies (BBI) have formed a special agreement for International Business and Global Studies majors that provides a unique program allowing you to earn a full year's college credit while immersing you in a cultural experience that will enrich your life.

Ireland Exchange Program

Each year a student from Northern Ireland is chosen to be able to study at D'Youville College through the Business Education Initiative (BEI). As a thank you for the hosting of BEI students, Northern Ireland Institutions offer a limited number of spots in the Irish American Scholars Program.

Next Steps to Apply

  1. Complete the DYC Study Abroad Application.
  2. After acceptance by DYC, complete the exchange program application with assistance from the Center for Global Initiatives.
  3. Meet with your academic advisor.
  4. Meet with the Financial Aid Office.


CAPA Scholarships

The following scholarships and grants are available for students participating in the CAPA-Led Programs to Buenos Aires, Dublin, Florence, London, Shanghai, or Sydney. These scholarships are not for students participating in non-CAPA programs to these destinations.

To be eligible, you must be in the process of applying for a CAPA program. A separate scholarship application and documentation may also be required by the deadline listed. See each individual section for more details on the application process.

It takes the Scholarship Committee approximately 3-4 weeks to review applications and render decisions. Students will be notified in writing by email of their status approximately 4 weeks after the scholarship deadline. Students should be prepared to commit to the program regardless of whether an award is received. Generally, scholarship money is credited to the program invoice and not given out as cash.


CAPA offers need-based scholarships ranging from $500-5,000. The amount students will receive is determined by CAPA's Financial Assessment Form, which is a required piece of the application and is due by the scholarship deadline.

There are two pieces to this scholarship application and both must be completed by the application deadline:

  1. Online personal essay questions
  2. Financial Assessment Form — must be filled out by D'Youville's financial aid office (please allow 1-2 weeks for processing)

The online personal essay questions and Financial Assessment form must be received by the deadlines below:

Spring 2017: October 17, 2016
Summer 2017: February 23, 2017
Fall 2017: Dates to be determined

Apply Here


Students who studied abroad on a regular or customized CAPA program will automatically receive a $600 scholarship to study abroad again on a regular CAPA semester program or a $300 scholarship toward a regular CAPA summer program. Students studying on another custom program are not eligible, and Affiliate students will not receive the Regular Affiliate Grant in addition to the Study Again with CAPA Scholarship. The scholarship and program application materials must be completed by the regular program deadlines (no extensions).


CAPA is committed to facilitating a learning abroad experience for students with disabilities. They encourage the disclosure of disability and use a collaborative team approach that involves their support staff, both stateside and abroad, the student's study abroad advisor and disability resources coordinator, and the student, to determine the best means of accommodation. While some accommodations are cost-free, CAPA recognizes that additional expenses may be incurred. In an effort to defray such expenses, they have established the Accommodation Fund.

Grant Application Process:

  • Email to Anne McDonnell, CAPA's Director of Pre-Departure Services, to request an accommodations form outlining your needs.
  • An anticipated additional cost sheet. Students should work both with the CAPA's Pre-Departure Services team, who will liaise with onsite personnel, as well as D'Youville's study abroad office to assess potential additional costs that may arise. These can be estimates based on average costs advised by onsite personnel.
  • Permission to contact D'Youville's disability services office as well as (if applicable) State Vocational Rehabilitation Program Coordinator from whom you receive support.

CAPA will review the grant proposal and determine award amounts based on the information provided. CAPA will try to meet the financial needs of the student as they are outlined to whatever degree possible, but some awards may not completely match the amount listed by the student pending the number of grant proposals they receive.

In instances where the grant funds will cover anticipated costs overseas, the grant fund will be managed by the onsite staff and distributed as needed/requested. If the proposed costs pertain to aspects of the program prior to departure, CAPA will make direct payments on the student’s behalf to the designated payee.

Blog and Vlog Grants

Are you an avid writer and photographer or a natural with a video camera? Why not apply for a blog or vlog grant for your semester or summer abroad with CAPA The Global Education Network?

Every term, CAPA recruits official bloggers and vloggers to record their experience abroad through a weekly submission to the CAPA World blog. In exchange, you’ll receive a $600 grant at the end of the semester or $300 at the end of the summer term. Additionally you’ll have access to a $300 semester or $150 summer explorer fund to help you generate content for the blog while you’re abroad. Your contributions will be shared through CAPA's social media platforms.

The grants and explorer funds for bloggers and vloggers are available to incoming students on a yearly basis and are subject to annual review.

To be eligible for a CAPA blog or vlog grant, you must:

  • have been accepted to study abroad on a CAPA program the coming term that is 6+ weeks during the summer or 10+ weeks during the semester;
  • have a previous history as a blogger or vlogger and be able to submit a copy of your blog / vlog to the grant committee for review;
  • submit the application form and sample blog/vlog entry as detailed below.

As a grant recipient, you must commit to writing one blog post or recording one vlog per week to set deadlines during your term abroad. Missing these deadlines may result in deductions from your grant amount. The blog or vlog contributions will begin in the preparation stage the week before you leave home. A list of suggested blog/vlog topics will be available to trigger your creativity but you are encouraged to submit your own ideas as well. Blog posts should be between 400 – 1,000 words. Vlog entries should be 1 - 2 minutes long. Blog/vlog content must be appropriate in nature and avoid showing or writing about topics that breach CAPA’s student code of conduct.

Distribution of Grant and Explorer Fund:
Once you have completed the required number of blog posts, the grant is sent to you in the form of a check. The explorer fund is distributed by your program site resident director. If you do not comply with the set guidelines for two weeks in a row, you will lose your right to the remainder of your explorer fund.

Use of Explorer Fund:

The use of the explorer fund is strictly intended to further the content of your blog/vlog. For example: ticket entry to events or venues such as museums or galleries that you may not otherwise have experienced that are then posted about on the blog or recorded for the vlog, dinner at a restaurant that you want to review or in any way that you feel will be beneficial to your contribution as a blogger/vlogger.

This grant could potentially be taxable. Speak to your consultant for advice.

External Scholarships

External Scholarships

AIFS Minority Scholarships are awarded one per semester, full tuition for an AIFS study abroad program. One hundred AIFS International Scholarships are awarded annually – $1000 toward an AIFS program.

American Association of University Women is the largest source of funding exclusively for graduate women in the world. The organization supports aspiring scholars around the globe, teachers and activists in local communities, women at critical stages of their careers, and those pursuing professions where women are underrepresented.

Association of Commonwealth Universities provides lists of scholarships and fellowships to and from over 480 universities drawn from the Commonwealth countries of Africa and Asia, Australasia and the South Pacific, Canada and the Caribbean, the United Kingdom, Cyprus and Malta.

British Council lists funding and scholarship information for study in the United Kingdom.

Fulbright Scholarships are for both Americans going abroad and incoming foreign students. Grants are made to citizens of participating countries, primarily for: university teaching, advanced research, graduate study and teaching in elementary and secondary schools.

The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship program is sponsored by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State and administered by the Institute of International Education. This program seeks to lower barriers to undergraduate study abroad by offering scholarships to students with financial need, and we encourage those underrepresented in study abroad to apply. The award is up to $5,000 for semester or academic year programs.

International Education Financial Aid is the premier Internet resource for financial aid information for students wishing to study in a foreign country. At this site, you will find the most comprehensive listing of grants, scholarships, loan programs, and other information to assist students in their pursuit to study abroad.

National Security Education Program offers undergraduate scholarships to U.S. citizens of up to $16,000 for summer, semester or academic year study abroad.

The Ambassadorial Scholarships Program of The Rotary Foundation is the world's largest privately funded international scholarships program.

At, high school, college and university students can search from thousands of unique scholarships, bursaries, grants and other forms of financial assistance. It's free, private and personalized.

Global Studies Foundation Student Grant is designed to support foreign language training and other academic studies abroad. This grant provides supplemental funds for American students who are already studying abroad under the auspices of an official study abroad program conducted by an accredited academic institution. The foundation is particularly interested in funding the study of strategically significant countries and languages. Grant recipients are expected to share this experience with others upon his or her return, ideally, with multiple audiences and varied media.

Those eligible for the Golden Key Study Abroad Scholarship are undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate members who are currently enrolled in a study abroad program or will be enrolled the academic year immediately following the granting of the award. The study abroad program cannot have been completed prior to the application deadline date. Ten awards are given in the amount of $1,000.

The Joan Nelson Scholarship ($2,500) assists members who participate in a study abroad program. Joan Nelson was a beloved Golden Key advisor, dedicated board member, mentor, leader and friend to many in the Golden Key community.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the differences between affiliation, exchange and faculty-led programs?

Exchange programs involve the exchange of students between D'Youville College and a university overseas. Each student will pay their usual DYC tuition and will pay the exchange university the costs for room and board. Affiliation means you will travel overseas with a third party provider that D'Youville has a signed contract with. You will pay the cost of that program, which will include your tuition and housing, through your student account at D'Youville. You will remain a registered DYC student and receive credit through D'Youville. Faculty led programs are much shorter in duration and currently run only in the summer. You will be registered for the particular course that is tied to the faculty led study abroad program. You will pay DYC summer tuition and additional fees will be charged to your student account for the study abroad experience.

Who is eligible to study abroad?

Semester CAPA Affiliate Programs
If you have maintained a grade point average of at least 2.5, you are probably eligible to study abroad, but please check with the Center for Global Initiatives. You should also discuss your plans to study abroad with the academic study abroad coordinator, Dr. John Abbarno and with your faculty advisor. They can help you decide which semester is most academically appropriate, and which program offerings are best suited to your major.

Faculty-Led Programs
Each faculty led program will have its own application nd selection criteria. Please check with the faculty leader that is listed as the contact for the program you are interested in attending.

When should I start planning my study abroad experience?

Many people begin their search the semester before they plan to go away. We recommend starting the planning process as early as your freshman year or at least 9-12 months before you plan to study abroad. This will help you academically prepare for your semester away and give you ample opportunity to research and apply for outside scholarships.

How do I apply?

Applications can either be picked up in person from the International Student Office, DAC Suite 219 or download the Study Abroad Application (PDF).

When are applications due?

 Program Due Date
Summer Program March 1
Fall Program April 15
Spring Program October 1
Exchange and Faculty-led Programs Application deadlines for the exchange and faculty-led programs vary from year to year. Please check this website for up to date information on each location.

Can I use my financial aid?

D'Youville will allow you to use your institutional merit scholarships and financial aid for the affiliation and exchange programs, but please make an appointment with Matt Metz, Director of Financial Aid, or James Nowak, Associate Director of Financial Aid, to discuss eligibility and requirements to discuss eligibility and requirements.

Are there outside scholarships available?

There are many outside scholarships available. We have compiled a list of scholarship opportunities. If you are studying on a CAPA affiliated program, there is an opportunity to apply for up to a $5,000 scholarship. More information and applications can be found at

Mandatory Health Insurance

Each D’Youville student, faculty or staff that participate in a sanctioned study abroad program through D’Youville College will be automatically enrolled for health insurance which includes political and medical evacuation. This is included in the study abroad fee. You will be e-mailed from the provider with pertinent information on how to access your account online.

Contact Us

The Center For Global Initiatives

Location: DAC 219

Office Hours: Mon-Fri, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Laryssa Petryshyn
Associate Vice President, Global Education
Phone: 716-829-8119

Ann Soares
Advisor, International Student Services and Study Abroad
Phone: 716-829-8114