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Office of Student Support and Advocacy

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The Office of Student Support and Advocacy helps students tackle issues related to completing their degree.

Our caring staff serve as student advocates and can help connect you to the resources you need. We will listen to your concerns and help you solve the problems that are preventing you from completing your degree. Together, we will develop ways to overcome obstacles that may be preventing you from academic success.

Our Services

  • Encourage successful academic progress and persistence
  • Guide and assist with problem solving
  • Provide awareness of college services available
  • Give support through the withdrawal /leave of absence process
  • Advise students on academic probation
Our Mission

The Office of Student Support and Advocacy supports and promotes student goals toward degree completion, and develops retention interventions that foster student success by serving as a student advocate, assisting with any issues and problems brought forward by students and proactively reaching out to students at risk for falling behind.

D'Youville recognizes that each person has intrinsic dignity and unique capabilities. We show concern for all students, and all associated with our campus, providing each individual with the opportunity and support to reach his or her highest potential.

I need Help!

I do not understand my student bill.
Students with billing questions should visit the Student Accounts Office, KAB building room 223 or please call (716) 829-7638.
I am having difficulty paying for college, where do I go?
The Financial Aid Office can review your financial aid package with you and help you understand all of your awards. Their offices are located in the KAB building, room 213 or please call (716) 829-7500.
I am feeling overwhelmed and I am having some difficulties, who can I speak with confidentially?
Our Personal Counseling Center can help. You may also schedule an appointment, please call (716) 829-7819.
I need some assistance with my resume and information about interviewing for a job.
Please stop by Career and Professional Engagement located in the BFAC building, room 100. You may also schedule an appointment, please call (716) 829-7688.
I am not doing well in one of my courses and feel that I need additional assistance understanding the material, where can I go?
Please contact the Learning Center. Services are free-of-charge and are designed to help you succeed. The learning center is located in the KAB building, room 409. They may be also be reached by calling (716) 829-7690.
I am having some personal issues that are interfering with my courses, or I am not sure if I should stay at D’Youville, who can I speak with?
Please contact us. See the sidebar of this page for our contact information.

Academic probation

What does it mean to be on probation?

Upperclassman students on probation have received a cumulative and/or semester GPA lower than 2.0. Freshman students on probation have received a cumulative and/or semester GPA lower than 1.8. These students are considered to be in poor academic standing with the college and are academically at risk.

How do I get back in good standing?

Upperclassman students with a cumulative and semester GPA above a 2.0 are considered in good academic standing. Freshman students with a cumulative and semester GPA above 1.8 are consider in good academic standing. Raising your GPA can be challenging, this is why you are encouraged you to follow the items listed in your probation letter, as well as those listed below.

What to do when you receive your probation letter:

  1. Meet with your academic advisor AGAIN - Students often register for the next semester prior to receiving their probation letter. Please meet with your advisor to discuss you new semester courses. The probations committee requires that you enroll in no more than 13 credit hours while on probation. You many have adjust your credit load and your advisor will guide you with that.
  2. Seek help -  If you have earned fewer than 56 credits you must schedule an appointment with the Learning Center. They can be reached by phone at (716) 829-7774 and are located in the KAB building, 4th floor, room 409. If you have earned over 56 credit hours we highly recommend utilizing the learning center for tutoring assistance and academic guidance. Do not wait until you are struggling in a course to seek assistance. Go often and go early!
  3. Take advantage of workshops on campus - Workshops are offered in motivation, study skills, time management and other areas of concern to students. View listing of upcoming workshops.
  4. Schedule an appointment with the Office of Student Support and Advocacy - At your student support and advocacy appointments you will discuss your academic progress, your satisfaction with D'Youville, and any other items that relate to your situation. We will work on setting goals and getting you back on track for future semesters. It is important to have a place to go to seek guidance and retention services can be just that place.

Be proactive not reactive with your next semester

  1. Get to know your instructors. They have all the answers on the course you are taking, so why not talk with them outside of class? Go to their posted office hours, hang out a few minutes before and after class. Ask questions!
  2. Figure out where you struggle. Admitting our imperfections or shortcomings is very difficult to do but by doing so you will enable yourself to adjust your time, habits, and distractions in order for you to succeed. For example if you love a particular television show, admit you want to watch it, so therefore do not block that time out to study. Be realistic!
  3. Get it done early! If you are having a light workload week there is no crime in working in advance on readings, papers, and/or projects. This will help alleviate stress in busy workload weeks.


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