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Career and Professional Engagement

D'Youville Student Success Center, our one-stop shop for Career & Professional Engagement, Transfer Services, Academic Advising & Planning, and Student Support and Advocacy.

We help you explore career options and customize a career plan.

The Career and Professional Engagement center helps students and alumni through all stages of their career planning and development. We help students explore career options and customize a career plan. We also assist alumni who are looking for other employment or are planning a career change.

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Our Services

We personalize services to your needs. We help you:

  • Identify career interests
  • Define career, internship and graduate school goals
  • Locate resources to help you find an internship
  • Write a resume, compelling cover letters and letters of intent for graduate school
  • Research scholarship opportunities
  • Develop networking skills and opportunities
  • Practice interviewing
  • Research employers and find job openings
  • Understand transitions and coping with change

Purple Briefcase: online career tool

The Career and Professional Engagement center hosts Purple Briefcase, an online career readiness platform, exclusively for D'Youville students, graduates and alumni. You'll find details and instructions on our online career tool page.


We share postings for jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities with our students, graduates and alumni. Share opportunities with our D'Youville community by following these simple instructions.

Undergraduate Students

  • Start early and improve your chances of graduating with a job offer or graduate school acceptance in hand.
  • Visit our office during your freshman year. Don't wait until your junior or senior year.
  • Take advantage of all of the resources and assistance we provide from day one on campus.

Graduate Students

  • First, schedule an appointment with our staff. We will help you begin your employer research and contact alumni in your field of interest. There are many online and reference sources here for you, too.

D'Youville Alumni

  • For career counseling, updating job search skills and assistance locating job opportunities, please contact our office for an appointment.

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