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Students who participate in research gain the opportunity to work one-on-one with faculty to discover solutions to real-world problems.

At D'Youville's School of Pharmacy, students are the lifeblood of research and play an integral role in pharmacy research. And students who participate in research have the outcomes to prove why research is important. 

Research participation helps students stay current with the most recent advances in pharmacy and develop a deep, demonstrable understanding and appreciation of the healthcare process. 

Students with research involvement gain practice and skills that they'll use in their future careers and practical experience to cite to future employers.

Student Pharmaceutical Research Association (SPRA)

The Student Pharmaceutical Research Association (SPRA) at D'Youville is a unique opportunity for Pharmacy students to bond with peers and extend their learning beyond the classroom.

The School of Pharmacy at D'Youville is a welcoming community dedicated to student support and engagement and the Pharmacy Research Club is a great way to get involved, discuss interests, and explore the program and topics in Pharmacy research.

Beakers and test tubes on a drying rack
From labs to lounges, the DAC is home to spaces for learning, study, and research.

Discover Pharmacy Student Research

Watch and learn more about student pharmacy research at D'Youville and discover why students in the pharmacy program get involved with research.