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Tabitha McNamara

"As an adult learner with a family and a full time job I never thought going back to school would be enjoyable, but it was!"

I came to D'Youville to earn my BSN in nursing. I had an associate's degree and wanted to further advance my knowledge base and my career.

Adult learners are welcomed and respected here at D'Youville. The professors in my program are helpful, knowledgeable, considerate, and respectful. They truly want their students to succeed. The online RN-to-BSN program is flexible and user-friendly and the professors always respond quickly to any questions. They encourage us to approach our profession in a compassionate way, through discussion of moral concepts, values and the ethical principles of nursing. Through my coursework in the program, I've gained knowledge in the pathophysiology of illness, healthcare management principles and a better understanding of cultural concerns in the nursing profession.

As a student, I was a member of National Honor Society of nurses, called Sigma Theta Tu. It was a wonderful honor to be a part of and it has given me a connection with other professionals in nursing. Being a member of Sigma Theta Tu also gives me the benefit of additional online resources and conferences to further continue my education.

The student body at D'Youville is different than at other schools: we're kind and respectful to one another. Because the class sizes are small, if someone needs help there is always another student to lend a hand. At D'Youville, you're surrounded by students of such diverse cultural backgrounds. Through my classes, I've made new friends from Canada, Africa and several countries in Asia!

Another reason that I choose to attend D'Youville was for the excellent Veterans Program. I attended school under my husbands GI Bill which allowed me the benefits of being a dependent with the VA Program. I was considered a member of the Veterans Association and was accepted and was able to access the benefits that D'Youville offers for veterans. With the help of Veterans Services Office at D'Youville, all the paperwork for the military and for my student account were taken care of. It made everything so much less stressful.