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Dietetics (BS+MS), 5-Year

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Become a dietitian in just 5 years with our combined BS+MS degree in dietetics and take on a meaningful role in the lives of others as you enter an in-demand industry.

Overview & Distinctions


In recent years, the healthcare community and the population as a whole have become more interested in the important role food plays in the health and wellness of our communities. As food and nutrition experts, dietitians work passionately to promote health and manage disease in a wide variety of healthcare settings.

At D’Youville, you can earn your combined bachelor’s and master’s degree in just 5 years from our ACEND-accredited Coordinated Program in Dietetics. Upon graduation you will meet the education requirements and supervised practice experiences to be eligible to take the Registration Examination for Dietitians set by the Commission on Dietetic Registration to earn your Registered Dietitian (RD) or Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) credential.

Why Choose D'Youville?

  • You will benefit from a solid liberal arts foundation and professional instruction in your major in a supportive, nurturing environment.
  • You'll pay undergraduate tuition for graduate studies in our combined BS + MS program.
  • We provide the classroom and supervised practice experiences in one program.
  • Our unique interprofessional education lab offers the opportunity for you to practice treating patients alongside a team of students from 7 other healthcare majors at D'Youville — all under the supervision of a skilled instructor.
  • Our concentration, Advanced Nutrition Practice, provides higher-level coursework and experiences in pediatrics, critical care, business, community nutrition, and research.
  • You will earn a master's degree which will be required to take the Commission on Dietetic registration exam in 2024.
  • Our graduates have a nearly 100% job placement rate.

Automatic Merit-Based Scholarship Consideration

When you apply for admission at D’Youville, we’ll automatically consider you for our merit scholarships. Undergraduate scholarships can cover as much as 50% of your tuition, and there is no need to fill out a separate application!

Transfer students can qualify for scholarships, as well. And unlike other schools, maintaining your scholarship is easier at D'Youville because we use a realistic 2.25 GPA requirement to determine your eligibility for merit-based scholarships each year. 

Check out the chart below to see if you qualify:
Scholarships SAT (M & EBRW) or ACT* / GPA Scholarship Amount
President's 88/1170 or 24 $13,000 + $3,000 Room and Board Waiver
Founder's 83/1080 or 21 $10,000 + $2,000 Room and Board Waiver
Dean's 80/980 or 18
Anyone with a 90 GPA can receive this award without test score consideration.
Transfer 3.5+ $5,000
Transfer 3.25 - 3.49 $4,500
Transfer 3.0 - 3.24 $4,000
Transfer 2.75 - 2.99 $3,500

*D'Youville only requires that you submit the results from one test.

Find more information and additional scholarships on our scholarships page.

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Program Description

Program Description

The Dietetics program is a five-year program which meets the knowledge requirements and competencies for entry-level practice as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN). The program is divided into two phases: the pre-professional phase (years 1 through 3) and the ACEND-accredited coordinated program phase which begins in the summer term following year 3 of study.

As long as you maintain the college and department academic standards you will earn guaranteed placement in the coordinated program. Maximum accreditation class size limit is thirty students per cohort.

After completing all program requirements you will be awarded both a BS and a MS degree in Dietetics and you will be eligible to take the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) national credentialing examination to become a RDN. In New York State, graduates who obtain the RDN credential are eligible to apply to receive the Certified Dietitian/Nutritionist (CDN) credential. Each graduate receives a verification statement, which documents completion of all academic, supervised practice, and degree requirements for the coordinated program and D’Youville.

View Full Course Curriculum

Transfer and Graduate Student Curriculum

If you have previous college credit or a bachelor's degree from another school, you may be able to reduce the amount of time required to complete this program. Learn more and plan your education using our example course sequences based on different admission entry points.

View Alternate Course Sequences

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

Students may enter the program as high school graduates or as transfers from two and four year colleges. If you have a partially-completed degree in any major you may also apply for admission. For more information, view course sequence examples or contact the department admissions coordinator

Incoming First-Year College Students

First year college students applying for admission into the pre-professional phase of the dietetics program, must meet the following criteria:

  • Combined SAT scores of at least 1080 or Composite ACT score of 21
  • High school average of 85% or 2.85 on a 4.0 scale
  • Successful completion of the following high school courses:
    • two years of math
    • one year of biology
    • one year of chemistry
Application Requirements
  • One official copy of your high school transcript
  • SAT or ACT score
  • Letters of recommendation and essays are encouraged but optional.

Ongoing, but decisions are made by March for admission in the fall semester. Late applications will be processed on a space available basis.


3 weeks from application

 Apply to D'Youville

Questions: Contact D'Youville's Undergraduate Admissions Office

Transfer Students

Transfer students applying to the B.S./M.S. program must meet or exceed each of the criteria noted below:

  • Minimum 2.75 GPA on a 4.0 scale is required to be accepted into years one and two of the program.
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale is required to be accepted into year three of the program.
  • Minimum of a C (2.0) grade in all pre-requisite courses for the dietetics major completed at a previous institution.
  • Minimum of a B - (2.67) grade in all dietetics courses at the 100-400 levels completed at a previous institution.
Application Requirements
  • An official transcript from every college or university attended
  • Letters of recommendation and essays are encouraged, but optional.

Ongoing, but decisions are made by March for admission in the fall semester. Late applications will be processed on a space available basis.


3 weeks from start of application review

Apply to D'Youville

Questions: Contact D'Youville's Undergraduate Admissions Office

Transfer Students With a Verification Statement

Transfer students applying for admission into the Coordinated Program in Dietetics must:

  • Complete an undergraduate application as a transfer student for the Dietetics BS/MS program for the next summer semester. The program begins with online classes in June. Students will report to campus in July. (Example: Students wishing to begin studies in 2020, will apply for the summer 2020 semester). All application materials must be received by February 1. We recommend international students submit their applications by December 1.

Selection criteria for students who apply to the program includes, but is not limited to:

  • Minimum 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale is required to be accepted into the program
  • Minimum of a C (2.0) grade in all pre-requisite courses for the dietetics major completed at a previous institution
  • Minimum of a B - (2.67) grade in all dietetics courses at the 100-400 levels completed at a previous institution
Application Requirements
  • An official transcript from every college or university attended
  • Personal essay with reference to prior work and volunteer experiences in the field of dietetics
  • Letters of recommendation are encouraged, but optional.
  • Copy of verification statement or intent to complete for US students

February 1

Apply to D'Youville


The D’Youville Dietetics Program Application Review Committee will review applicants after the February 1 deadline. There will be no early admission granted.

The Admissions Department will provide written notice to students of acceptance to the coordinated program on or before March 1. Students accepted into the professional phase of the program must submit a deposit by April 15 in order to secure a seat in the coordinated program.

A wait list will be maintained. Students on the wait list will receive notification of placement on the wait list on or before March 1. Applicants on the wait list will be notified of seat availability prior to June 1. Students must commit verbally within 48 hours of receipt of notice of acceptance to retain coordinated program seat.



Registered dietitians (RDs) and registered dietitian nutritionists (RDNs) are food and nutrition experts who draw on their science-based education and experience to help individuals make positive lifestyle changes tailored to their unique needs. Working in a number of areas, RDs and RDNs advance the nutritional health of Americans and people around the world.

Traditionally, registered dietitians (RDs) and registered dietitian nutritionists (RDNs) worked in hospitals, nursing homes, and government agencies. Currently, RDs and RDNs work in a wide range of settings including sports nutrition and wellness programs, elementary and high schools, food and nutrition-related business and industries, private practice, universities, pharmaceutical companies, and research facilities, in addition to traditional sites.

Exploring a Career in Dietetics

Career Outlook

The rising interest in the role of food and nutrition in promoting health and wellness, coupled with the importance of diet in preventing and treating illness, has resulted in an increased demand for dietitians and nutritionists.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that jobs for dietitians and nutritionists will increase 16% through 2024, a rate which the Bureau of Labor Statistics calls “much faster than average.”

The Bureau of Labor Statistics report notes that these statistics are based on a dietitian or nutritionist with a Bachelor’s degree, and that job prospects are even better for dietitians and nutritionists with an advanced degree. The MS conferred to graduates of the dietetics program is considered an advanced degree.

For more information about the job outlook for dietitians and nutritionists, visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics website.

Practice Experience

Supervised Practice Experience

Once you're accepted into the Dietetics program and meet academic standards you will be guaranteed placement in the professional phase of the Coordinated Program in Dietetics. The accredited program cap is 30 students per cohort.

The professional phase of our Coordinated Program in Dietetics begins in the summer between the third and fourth year of study.  In this portion of the program, classroom learning is combined with supervised practice experiences. Over the course of five semesters, you will be provided with more than 1200 hours of supervised practice in a variety of areas, including medical nutrition therapy, food service management, and community nutrition.

The program is affiliated with more than 50 supervised practice sites, including teaching and community hospitals, extended care facilities, schools, corporate organizations, nutrition businesses, and community agencies. We continually add new sites within driving distance of D'Youville.

We also offer an international nutrition supervised practice experience, in which practice is provided in London, England or Sydney, Australia. More information can be found on the Study Abroad site.

Upon graduation you’ll be eligible to take the Registration Examination for Dietitians in order to earn your registered dietitian (RD) or registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) credential. Please see the our curriculum page for more details about course offerings. 

Participating in the coordinated program will require moderate additional costs. See a full list on the Fees page.

Explore D'Youville Through Video

Listen to students and faculty explain what makes a D'Youville education different and how small class sizes, hands-on learning, and a caring community help students succeed. 

A dietetics student participating in the Interdisciplinary Education Lab.


Dietetics students at D'Youville learn to work as part of a collaborative healthcare team through Interprofessional Education Labs.

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Laura Segool, Dietetics alumna

Our Alumni

"All of the professors in the Dietetics program have great connections and are very willing to help you succeed in your studies and career."

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