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Success Measures

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The D'Youville Physician Assistant Department measures its success as a program at achieving it goals by how well it meets the standards set forth in the mission statement.

Mission Related Goal Measures Success
Exemplary Clinicians
  • PANCE Exam performance
  • Employment rate of graduates
  • Preceptor Evaluation of Student Overall Performance
  • Dean’s List Achievement
  • Latin Honors Recognition
  • Regional and National Peer Reviewed Presentations
  • Class of 2017, 100% first-time pass rate, which is higher than the national average of 97%.
  • 100% of graduate survey respondents reported being employed within 6 months of graduating
  • 97% of students meet/exceed preceptor expectations
  • Several graduates have had their research work selected for publications and national presentations
Highest Professional Standards
  • Students required to complete pre-professional phase ethics related courses PHI 201, PHI 214, PHI 312
  • Student performance in PA 500
  • Professional Issues course completion of Professional Folder in didactic year
  • Faculty Evaluation of Students
  • Preceptor Evaluation of Student Professional Performance
  • Professionalism Conduct Code
  • Clinical Readiness Assessment & Bridge Curriculum Completion
  • 100% of pre-professional phase students must successfully complete these required courses to progress in the program.
  • All graduates must successfully complete PA 500.
  • All students must be assessed by didactic faculty as professionally ready to enter clinical rotations.
  • 100 % of students meet or exceed professionalism benchmark in Preceptor evaluations
  • All students must meet and maintain professionalism standards to progress in the program.
  • All students are required to complete these requirements before beginning clinical rotations.
Leaders in Profession
  • Leadership positions in academic, research, military and health care administration fields.
  • Leadership positions in local, state, national PA related organizations.
  • Many graduates hold leadership positions in academic, research, health care administration as well as local, state and national PA related organizations.
Diverse Patient Populations
  • Successful completion of clinical rotations
  • Successful completion of Behavioral Medicine, Professional Issues, Clinical Medicine, Physical Diagnosis, and cultural competency training
  • All students complete specified coursework in such areas as: HIV, domestic violence, healthy people 2020, LGBT health, and healthcare disparity within the PA curriculum.
Primary Care


  • Successful completion of Primary Care (8 Weeks) rotation
  • Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Psychiatry, and OB/GYN rotations
  • Primary Care Community Service Project


  • D’Youville College Physician Assistant Program exceeds ARC-PA standards regarding required supervised clinical placements.
  • 100% of clinical phase students successfully complete the eight week Primary Care Rotation and the Primary Care community service project. Many of the student projects are implemented and in current use at clinical rotation sites
Interprofessional Collaboration
  • Simulation Performance
  • 100% of didactic year students complete IPEC training & simulation
Integrative Medicine
  • Completion of Physical Diagnosis Course with exposure to alternative medicine techniques
  • Understanding of complementary medicine roles through course instruction
  • Introduction of Neutraceuticals in didactic curriculum
  • Graduate elective: PA 512 Alternative Medicine
  • 100% of students successfully complete integrative medicine content in clinical medicine and physical diagnosis courses prior to start of clinical phase
  • 100% of students enrolled in Alternative Medicine successfully complete the course
Medically Relevant Research
  • Completion of graduate research core courses PA 603, PA 604, and PA 605
  • Conceptualization, implementation, analyses and defense of original student research project
  • 100% of students successfully completed PA 603, PA 604, and PA 605
  • 100% of students successfully defend their original research at annual poster defense
  • National and Regional peer reviewed presentations
  • Presentation at National Conference
  • Publication of peer reviewed research
  • Peer reviewed research awards at regional and national level
Skills and Knowledge of Comprehensive Care
  • Successful completion of Didactic coursework including clinical skills course
  • PANCE (National Certifying Exam)
  • Preceptor Evaluation of Student Performance
  • Board review
  • Immersive simulation
  • Head to toe assessments
  • Grand rounds presentation
  • 100 % of students successfully complete all skills and comprehensive care content prior to start of clinical phase
  • Class of 2017, 100% first-time pass rate, which is higher than the national average of 97%
  • 97% of students meet/exceed preceptor expectations
  • 100% student participation in intensive two day board review workshop
  • 100% of didactic year students complete IPEC training & simulation (seven discipline interprofessional collaboration).
  • All students must successfully complete this requirement prior to starting clinical rotations.
  • 100% of students complete grand round presentations as part of their Senior Seminar Clinical Enrichment Course
Health and Wellness Promotion
  • Successful completion of Behavioral Medicine
  • Primary Care Community Service Project
  • Successful completion of Nutrition Project
  • All students must successfully complete PA 305 Behavioral Medicine in order to progress to clinical rotations.
  • 100% of students successfully complete a patient education tool, some adopted by area clinical practices
  • Annual student community service project poster presentation day
  • All students must successfully complete a nutrition project as part of the nutrition module of PA 304
Life Long Learning
  • Successful completion of PA 500 Professional Issues Course
  • Graduate NCCPA certification status
  • Annual CME Conference
  • 100% of students successfully complete professional issues course
  • Approximately 90% of all graduates (756) currently certified by NCCPA
  • 6 CME credits offered by the annual D’Youville PA Department CME Conference