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Marketing (BS)

A marketing student looks at her laptop.

From small private companies to global non-profits, the work of savvy, tech-smart marketing professionals is at the core of successful businesses

Overview & Distinctions


Across industries, fields, and sectors, marketing is driving success and the demand for marketing professionals who are able to connect companies to consumers is growing. At D’Youville, you’ll learn the skills needed to lead a successful marketing team and to connect with audiences across an ever-evolving array of media channels, from established social apps to new digital platforms.

Starting day one in the marketing program, you’ll build a base of business skills in your studies and quickly move into courses designed to mirror real-world marketing experiences from developing marketing plans to analyzing ROI data. You’ll take your skills further in the program by creating a plan for the launch of your own product, and you’ll take your skills global as you learn the complexities and evolving realities of marketing to an international audience.


Experienced Faculty

The faculty in D'Youville's business department are dedicated to student sucess and bring their real-world experience into the classroom. Our business faculty have proven their success in the corporate world and with our small class sizes you'll be able to work closely alongside them to learn outside the classroom.

Immersive, All-Encompassing Program

Every course in the marketing program is designed to teach you new skills and to help you tackle new problems. You'll learn the basics of business, but you'll also work on sales skills, product development, and become an effective leader and manager as you work on projects with your peers.

Internships to Prove Success

We know employers are looking for candidates who have proven their success inside and outside of the classroom, so we've designed the Bachelor of Science in marketing program to incorporate two internships. Once you're ready, we'll help you put your skills to work in roles that demonstrate your abilities and challenge you to grow as a marketer.


When you apply for admission at D’Youville, we’ll automatically consider you for our merit scholarships. Undergraduate scholarships can cover as much as 50% of your tuition, and there is no need to fill out a separate application!

Transfer students can qualify for scholarships, as well. And unlike other schools, maintaining your scholarship is easier at D'Youville because we use a realistic 2.25 GPA requirement to determine your eligibility for merit-based scholarships each year. 

Check out the chart below to see if you qualify:
Scholarships GPA Scholarship Amount
President's 88+ $14,000
Founder's 83 - 87.9 $12,000
Dean's 80 - 82.9 $10,000
Transfer 3.5+ $5,500
Transfer 3.25 - 3.49 $5,000
Transfer 3.0 - 3.24 $4,500
Transfer 2.75 - 2.99 $4,000

Find more information and additional scholarships on our scholarships page.

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Admission Requirements

At D'Youville, we are committed to selecting students who are academically well-rounded and committed to meeting the challenges of a high-quality education. If you have been successful in a traditional college preparatory program in high school, you should be well-prepared for the academic challenges at D'Youville. While we don't require you to submit ACT or SAT test scores, if you have taken or intend to take a standardized test we encourage you to submit your scores if you'd like them to be evaluated as part of your application.

First Time in College Freshman Requirements:

  • Submitted application for admission
  • Official high school transcripts
    • An overall weighted GPA of 80 with successful completion of high school graduation requirements and four years of math, history, english, and science.

Not Required (utilized in a holistic review for admission if provided):

  • Standardized SAT/ACT test scores
  • Admissions essay
  • Letters of recommendation

Transfer Admission Required Review Criteria:

  • Submitted application for admission
    • Applications are free of charge and can be found on our apply webpage.
  • Official transcripts from ALL previously attended colleges/universities
  • Cumulative GPA of 2

 Not Required (utilized in a holistic review for admission if provided):

  • Coursework relevant to major of interest
  • Admissions essay
  • Letters of recommendation

Courses & Curriculum

Courses in the Program

In D’Youville’s Marketing Bachelor of Science program, you’ll begin by gaining a foundation in business and move through the program learning the newest concepts, platforms, and best practices from product development to data analysis to social media marketing. And you’ll finish the program with two internships to ensure employers see you’ve put your skills to use.

In the specific areas of concentration:

Course Number Course Name Credits

Personal Selling

This course examines the sales skills necessary for establishing and managing customer and supplier relationships. Emphasis is on selling, presentation skills, prospecting, managing objectives, sales closing techniques, and sales force management.
MKT 402

Consumer Behavior

Consumer behavior is the course within the marketing curriculum that most directly applies concepts, principles and theories from the various social sciences to the systematic study of the factors that influence the acquisition, consumption, and disposition of products, services, and ideas.  To make good decisions, the manager must understand how consumers are likely to respond to the actions of the firm or the government.  Knowledge of the principles of consumer behavior is important, therefore, for marketing managers and public policy makers.  The disciplines used to describe and explain consumer behavior include economics, psychology, social psychology, sociology and anthropology.
MKT 404

Marketing Channels

This course examines the critical elements and management of marketing channels.  The primary emphasis is on the initial design of marketing channels, and the on-going management of relationships between channel participants.  While retail, wholesale and physical distribution establishments are significant components of marketing channels, the course will concentrate primarily on the relationships among the various enterprises included in channel systems.

MKT 413

Global Marketing

The objective of the course is to develop knowledge and understanding of the global marketing environment through key concepts, tools, and theory.  The course challenges the student to think critically about global competition.
MKT 416

New Product Development

This course is an advanced marketing course focusing on the launch and commercialization of new products.  Students will explore how to manage the development process of a new product and its marketing mix and explain the contributions of the marketing function to new product development by building on basic marketing concepts.

MKT 420

Marketing Management

The course focuses on formulating and implementing marketing management strategies and policies for both profit and not for profit organizations.  The marketing management process is important at all levels of the organization, regardless of the type of industry or the size of the organization.  They all involve essentially the same process, even though the activities may differ.  The course will provide the student with a systemic framework for understanding marketing management and strategy.

MKT 421

Marketing Analytics

This course will focus on the application of data science and quantitative analysis for developing marketing strategies.  Students will acquire the necessary analytical skills that can be applied to real-world business decisions. The aim of this course is to provide students with an understanding of the critical use of marketing data, and to equip them with the skills necessary for working with marketing analytics in any organization. This course will use a combination of lectures, cases studies, and hands-on projects with real-world databases.

MKT 422

Sales Management

This course prepares the student for the real world of sales and sales management in the global marketing environment.  A major consideration in both marketing and selling positions is the ability to communicate orally in front of an audience.  For this reason, the course focuses on different types of presentations representing both written and oral forms of communications. The course will cover various aspects of selling and sales force management, including the social, legal and political ramifications of sales professionals’ behavior.  Combined academic theory and practical solutions will be utilized to illustrate and solve common issues in sales management
MKT 425

Social Media and Digital Marketing

 This course focuses on the application and implementation of social media into integrated marketing communication.  The course will help students understand the changing environment of the various media channels in the digital, social and mobile marketing, develop social/digital marketing plans, utilize new media technologies, and measure program results utilizing their analytical skills.  The course includes hands-on development of social/digital media.

Prerequisite: MKT 304

MKT 444


 The purpose of completing a (90 hour) marketing internship is it allows students to gain a better understanding of concepts learned in the classroom by applying them to practical situations in actual organizational settings.  This experience is designed to gain working experience in functional areas such as marketing management, market research, communication, product development, marketing channels, and social/digital media.
MKT 445


The purpose of completing a (90 hour) marketing internship is it allows students to gain a better understanding of concepts learned in the classroom by applying them to practical situations in actual organizational settings.  This experience is designed to gain working experience in functional areas such as marketing management, market research, communication, product development, marketing channels, and social/digital media.

Total 33

Additional business courses:

Course Number Course Name Credits
ACC 211

Principles of Accounting I

This is a foundation course dealing with accounting principles and procedures with emphasis on the entire accounting cycle, special journals,control accounts and subsidiary ledgers.
Offered in: Fall Only
Prerequisites: None

ACC 212

Principles of Accounting II

This course explores theory and applies accounting principles mastered in ACC-211 and accounting for general partnerships and corporations. It also deals with managerial accounting, including accounting cycles, cost analysis, and budgeting
Offered in: Spring Only
Prerequisites: ACC-211

ECO 201


This course explores the price system, public and private sectors, national income accounting, unemployment and inflation, fiscal policy, budget deficits and the public debt, money and banking and the Federal Reserve and monetary policy. This course meets the social sciences requirement in the core.
Offered in: Fall and Summer
Prerequisites: None

ECO 202


This course explores supply and demand and the elasticity of supply and demand. It analyzes the degree and nature of competition in various market structures, the economic benefits derived from and the problems presented by big business conglomerates and multinationals and international trade and finance. The course meets the social sciences requirement in the core.
Offered in: Spring and Summer
Prerequisites: None

LAW 303

Business Law I

An analysis of the legal principles underlying law of contracts, sales, and torts is the subject matter of this course. Case studies are utilized to help students understand the business legal environment.
Offered in: Fall Only
Prerequisites: None

MGT 304

Communicating in Organizations

The course deals with the relation of interpersonal communication to communications strategies in organizations. Students analyze communication networks and the relationship to group characteristics and productivity, leadership and conflict as they relate to communication in the organization.
Offered in: Fall Only
Prerequisites: MGT-305 or Permission of Instructor

MGT 316

Pc & E-Commerce for Managers

The course introduces students to computerized business applications, word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentation software and e-commerce concepts. Students are given thorough hands-on familiarization of the personal computer and the completion of various business applications on the computer.
Offered in: Fall Only
Prerequisites: None

MGT 411

International Business

This course focuses on the legal, economic, historical, sociological, political and philosophical concepts operative in multinational business.
Offered in: Fall Only
Prerequisites: MGT-305 or Permission of Instructor

Total 24
Requirement Credits
Major 57
General Education Requirements and Electives 63
Total 120

Careers & Internships


Experts in marketing play a key role across industries including entertainment, government, education, professional sports, brand management, start-ups, and more. And with new technologies and platforms, the job outlook for marketing managers is expected to grow significantly faster than the national average, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

D’Youville’s Department of Business is committed to ensuring our graduates find success in their careers and become leaders in the community. We'll help you get a headstart in your internship and make sure you're prepared to work in this swift-growing and in-demand field. Recent graduates of our business programs have gone on to careers at:

  • Rich Products
  • Delaware North
  • M&T Bank
  • HSBC Bank
  • Fisher-Price
  • Marriott Hotels & Resorts
  • National Grid

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