School of Arts, Sciences and Education

The School of Arts, Sciences & Education (SASE) contains the departments and programs that build the foundation of knowledge for students to develop into critical thinkers, responsible citizens, dynamic leaders, and compassionate human beings. The School applies the fundamentals of knowledge, creativity, inspiration, and connection.

Core to the mission of SASE is welcoming students into an inclusive and diverse community dedicated to a free exchange of ideas; fostering intellectual curiosity, discipline, confidence, and an entrepreneurial spirit; preparing students to pursue a wide range of professional, creative, and personal interests with rigor and integrity; respecting and valuing students as individuals; establishing personal relationships with students through mentorship; and celebrating collaborative growth and works always for student success.

SASE comprises the departments of Biology and Mathematics, Business, Chemistry, Educational Leadership, Humanities, and Social Sciences.

Contact Information:

Dr. Fehmi Damkaci
Dean of School of Arts, Science and Education
Director of Center of Doctoral Studies & Research

Dr. David T.R. Stewart
Associate Dean 
School of Arts, Science and Education

Kimberly A. Rollek
Assistant to the Dean
School of Arts, Science and Education