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Veteran and Military Affiliated Research Center

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The Veteran and Military Affiliated Research Center at D’Youville College (VMARC) is dedicated to advancing veteran’s issues through thoughtful and innovative research.

The mission of D’Youville’s Veteran and Military Affiliated Research Center is to produce, encourage, and support scholarly activities at D’Youville College related to a broad definition of veteran – including active duty military members, reservists and national guardsmen, veterans, dependents of veterans, survivors of veterans, and those otherwise considered as military affiliated.

Our Veteran Research Themes

Research and activities at VMARC are designed to focus on three primary themes:

  • Veterans Health and Healthcare:
    Including physical health, mental health, healthcare provision and access
  • Veterans Education and Training:
    Including government aid programs, student success factors, veteran services on campuses
  • Veterans Employment:
    Including unemployment, Affirmative Action requirements, human resources related laws and policies

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Location: KAB 007
Phone: 716-829-7851

Explore D’Youville’s Veteran and Military Affiliated Research Center

Contact us to learn more about research opportunities, begin your research, or learn why our military-friendly college is a top-ranked school for veterans.

Watch Our Presentation

Dr. Daly and Dr. Fox Garrity provided a webinar for the Consortium of Michigan Veterans Educators (CMVE) in May 2018. This webinar was designed to encourage dialogue and collaboration between institutional researchers, enrollment managers, and veterans services offices on campuses across Michigan.

The focus was on data collection using a tool called the Taxonomy of Student Veterans (TSV) designed by Drs. Daly and Fox Garrity and originally published in New Directions in Institutional Research. 

Learn More About VMARC

Our center is committed to supporting veteran research conducted by D’Youville faculty and student researchers and outside researchers. Some of the services we offer:

Benefits to D’Youville Community

  • Assistance with identification of research topics and study designs
  • Assistance with recruitment of research subjects for approved studies
  • Assistance with identification of relevant peer reviewed literature
  • Discussion groups to encourage exploration of relevant research topics
  • Classroom presentations to support research classes
  • Connections with others on campus who have skills and knowledge in various research methodologies to support research efforts
  • Assistance with identifying conferences and journals for possible publication opportunities
  • Assistance identifying resources available to support research

Resources for Outside Researchers

  • Guest speakers for conferences and meetings related to the research themes of the center
  • Direct assistance for researchers who would like to include our students as research participants
  • Web-based search tools to assist with identification of relevant Veterans and Military Affiliated research