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Gain in-demand skills on your schedule with an ecosystem designed to support you across your education journey.

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The skills needed in today’s workplace are changing fast. You need a convenient, cost-effective way to gain in-demand skills employers require. Let our team of expert instructors guide you on the path to your new career.

Whether you are looking to change careers, upgrade your skills, or are charged with improving the company workforce, everyone is looking for the same thing. You need a convenient, cost-effective continuing education solution that meets your needs. Our continuing education model is designed to meet you no matter where you are in life. Our flexible, cost-efficient training is delivered at a pace that allows you to truly learn the material and is offered by industry-leading instructors who care about your success.

Learning new skills shouldn’t be a hassle.

Let us show you how our courses are designed with your needs in mind. Earning that next certificate or skill is in your reach.

Are you ready to take the first step towards a new rewarding career?


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Explore popular courses and programs currently enrolling students.

D’Youville offers AWS authored courses that will help you master the in-demand skills that hiring companies need most.

AWS Academy

Learn and discover the City of Buffalo from bees to beers with our video series, Buffalearn.


Amplify your teaching with The Sustained Resilience: Building Tomorrow’s Leaders program to ensure students are crisis-ready.

Crisis Management
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Experience D'Youville through opportunities designed to prepare students and upskill our community.

Experience D'Youville
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Funded by the Lee Foundation, professionals can upgrade their competencies and acquire skills to meet the mental health needs of the community.

Lee Foundation Courses
Quigong exercises as a group.

Improve your mental and physical health through the techniques of Qigong and Taichi.

Qigong & TAICHI

At the backbone of business is Salesforce. Power up your career and move to the next level with our Salesforce course.

Salesforce Training
Students work at a computer.

Explore diverse self-paced courses designed to help you learn at your pace.

Self-Paced Courses

Continue your current job. Build to your dream job.

By offering convenient evening and online courses, our programs fit your schedule. Let our instructors work with you to gain the in-demand skills you need to ensure you are not passed over at the next promotion or job offer.

Still concerned? All of our courses have a refund policy.