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If you are a Qigong beginner or advanced practitioner, let our experts guide you through the benefits and healing power of Qigong exercises. 

The ancient art of Qigong has been in practice for the last 4,000 years. Qigong incorporates controlled breathing, mindful movement, and focus techniques to improve mental and physical health. In our modern-world, the stress reducing and mental health benefits are needed now more than ever.

If you are a qigong beginner or advanced practitioner, let our experts guide you through the benefits and healing power of Qigong exercises.

Qigong & Tai Chi Certification Registration

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Instructor Certification Courses

Certification Courses

  • Tai chi/Qigong Theory and Meditation
  • Learn history, theory and philosophical foundations for the mindful exercise and meditative practice of Tai chi/Qigong.
  • Posture Qigong Form
  • Learn the 24-Posture Qigong Form through video demonstration, instruction, feedback and performance evaluation
  • Class Management for Tai chi/Qigong Instructors
  • Learn requisite knowledge and skills for managing and teaching Tai chi/Qigong classes.  

Additional Instructor Certification Classes:

  • Tai chi/Qigong for Cancer Care (instructor certification)
  • Tai chi/Qigong for Veterans (instructor certification)

Other Course Options Include:

  • Qi Time at School
  • Functional Anatomy for Tai Chi/Qigong Instructors
  • Health and Wellness Qigong Instructor Certification
  • Mini Medical School of Tai chi/Qigong Instructors/ Medical Qigong


Dr. Penelope Klein, PT, EdD |  professor emerita

Dr. Penelope Klein

Research interests: therapeutic benefits of Qigong and Tai chi.

Dr Klein is an internationally-known Qigong expert/consultant/and clinician. Her research has been published in leading medical journals. Her award-winning video: ‘Cultivation Life: Qigong in Cancer Care’ is available on YouTube. In addition to certifying Qigong instructors through D’Youville, she is senior faculty at the Village of Healing and Wellness, St Catharines, Ontario, Canada where she is 5th Generation within the Wu Yi Jie He Family System (origin: Grand Master Wang Ziping).  

Dr. Joseph Baumgarden, DPT, Cert MDT

Dr. Joseph Baumgarden

Joseph Baumgarden, DPT, Cert MDT, is an Associate Clinical Professor in the Physical Therapy Program at D'Youville in Buffalo, NY. He has co-authored several research studies and educational modules. He has also presented many international lectures to health care professionals on the clinical benefits of practicing Qigong and Tai Chi, including Harvard Medical School and the Society for Integrative Oncology. He is a current member of the Research and Education Committee of the National Qigong Association.

Master George Picard

Master George Picard

Master George Picard, a 4th generation lineage holder in the Wu Yi Jie He system of Tai Chi/Qigong, has over 40 years of martial arts teaching experience. He is internationally recognized and has co-authored scientific research papers and a text on Qigong. In 2017, he was invited to present on Qigong in Cancer Care to the Society for Integrative Oncology. He is a consulting faculty member at D’Youville in Buffalo, NY, and director of the Village of Healing and Wellness, St Catharines, ON, Canada where he teaches live and on-line classes, as well as Qigong Instructor Certification classes.