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Learn about the values and approach to creating a just culture in health care, with a focus on second victims, human error, and the contribution of systems design in error events, by Evgeny Gorodetsky, PharmD, and D’Youville’s own Rachel Gorodetsky, PharmD, DABAT.

A recent, widely publicized adverse event at Vanderbilt University Medical Center highlights the struggles that we still face in establishing a just culture of safety within health care. It is critical for pharmacists and all health care professionals to understand their role in patient safety and in changing the environment surrounding errors from punitive to restorative. This program aims to provide tools for pharmacists to be active participants in the establishment and maintenance of just culture.

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify, compare and contrast the three cultures of medication safety
  2. Identify the second victim a medical error and describe the restorative approach to managing this population
  3. Describe three characteristics of a High Reliability Organization and how they differ from health care
  4. Define and provide examples of active vs. latent error

Medication Safety: Just Culture and the Implications for Human Error
The D'Youville Academic Center as seen from the Fargo Circle.
The D'Youville Academic Center (DAC) as seen from the Fargo circle. 


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