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The Annual Chiropractic Educational Symposium (ACES) will be held at D'Youville College in Buffalo, NY on October 26, 2019.

The annual chiropractic educational symposium is an exciting opportunity for practicing chiropractors to hear from expert speakers, network with other local professionals, and earn CAT I and CAT II continuing education credits.

Guest speakers will lend their evidence-informed advice on a range of topics including musculoskeletal disorders, doctor/patient relationships, ethical uses of social media, identifying dysfunctional motor patterns, and cultural sensitivity, all in an interactive and open discussion format.

Ethics, Doctor/Patient Relationships, Cultural Sensitivity, Doctor/Patient Communication and Ethical Use of Social Media in the Chiropractic Office

This course will address several areas in which the doctor faces daily in their practice. It will enlighten the doctor about ethical and unethical practices in relationship building with their patients and staff. The attendee will learn that by embracing cultural competence and diversity in health care, they can improve the overall quality of care to their patients. This course will address the ethical use of social media in the clinical setting and it will enlighten the doctor about the ethical and unethical practices of social media in regards to patients and staff members.


Lori Holt

Lori Holt, RN

Before joining NCMIC in 2012, Lori worked as a nurse for 30 years. Her extensive nursing background in cardiology has provided her with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. In addition, Lori has worked as an emergency room nurse manager, and she and her husband previously owned a business where they taught employees at industrial companies basic life support and emergency care techniques. This combined background enables Lori to share hands-on tips and guidance to D.C.s as they face the ever-changing world of healthcare.

Evidence-Informed Functional Assessment of Musculoskeletal Disorders

This course is a continuing education course for healthcare providers that frequently manage musculoskeletal conditions. Human movement analysis, or identifying dysfunctional motor patterns, may play an important role in pinpointing the underlying cause of symptoms, rather than simply isolating sources of pain. While establishing clinical assessment from the viewpoint of a movement pattern, the clinician may recognize meaningful impairments that appear unrelated to primary main musculoskeletal complaint, but actually cause or facilitate the associated pain syndrome.


Dr. Bryan Bond

Bryan Bond, DC, MS, PhD

With his diverse educational background, several years of teaching experience, and clinical knowledge, Dr. Bond balances evidence-based information and pragmatic, clinical insights into his lectures. His enthusiasm for his subject matter encourages an interactive audience and sparks opportunities for open discussion. The workshop information is well-organized, informative and provides a novel approach to clinical practice focusing on rehabilitation.

Annual Chiropractic Educational Symposium (ACES)

Date & Location: October 26, 2019 from 8 AM - 5 PM in D'Youville Academic Center (DAC) 


NYS Approved: 4 hours CAT I (non-clinical)/ 4 hours CAT II (clinical)
Extras: Light breakfast and Lunch are included.

Do you need special accommodations?

If you require special accommodations or information on accessible entrances and pathways, please call 716-829-8192.