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Introducing the Sustained Resilience: Building Tomorrow’s Leaders program, learn more.

Boost Your Coursework.

You’re an expert in your subject, extend that expertise with a one-of-a-kind program designed to help your students succeed, grow, and put to use the knowledge and skills they're learning in your course.


Take A Proactive Approach

This  program was created to ensure students are crisis-ready and resilient. Regardless of the general course subject, students learn the skills necessary to ensure they are prepared to put their learning to work in the face of a swiftly changing world.

10 Modules to Change the Future

Divided into 10 sections designed to teach concepts, foster discussion, and build course projects, this unique, student-focused program was created to ensure students graduate as change-makers in our communities and leaders in their fields.


Learn from the experts.

Initiately developed as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the program is a partnership between D’Youville and Melissa Agnes, founder and CEO of the Crisis Ready Institute. The first-of-its kind program was a tremendous success and has been adapted to help students around the world prepare for endless possibilities.

Connect with us. Demo this course. Amplify your teaching.

We know once you experience this program and discover the benefits it adds to your teaching and to your students, you'll understand why we created it and why we think it's so important, that's why we encourage you to demo it for yourself. You'll get access to the materials and an opportunity to see how it will integrate into your course and support your learning outcomes.

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