Admissions Requirements

Pre-Pharmacy Freshmen - Early Assurance

Early assurance admission to the School of Pharmacy is offered to a select group of freshmen students who meet the following criteria:

  • Top 15% of their graduating class or an unweighted average of 90% (math, science, social studies/history, English, foreign language)
  • Score 1150 or greater on the SAT (Mathematics and Critical Reading) or 25 on the ACT
  • Matriculate to D'Youville as a freshman student

Tip: Incoming freshmen who do not meet the initial admissions requirements may be eligible for D'Youville's Earned Early Assurance Program (E²A).

After You're Admitted

Once you're accepted as a Pre-Pharmacy student, you'll complete the D'Youville courses listed below. You'll need to earn a grade of B or better in each course without repeating any class.

Pre-Pharmacy/Early Assurance (Two-Year Track) Courses

  • Biology – 6 credit hours
  • Microbiology – 3 credit hours
  • General Chemistry – 6 credit hours
  • Organic Chemistry – 6 credit hours
  • Calculus – 4 credit hours
  • Statistics – 4 credit hours
  • Physics – 6 credit hours
  • English Language – 6 credit hours
  • Public Speaking or Communications – 3 credit hours
  • History – 3 credit hours
  • Economics – 3 credit hours
  • Social Sciences – 3 credit hours
  • Humanities – 3 credit hours

*Laboratory sections associated with biology, microbiology, chemistry and physics courses are also required.

Applying to the Professional Program (PharmD)

In the second year of the Pre-Pharmacy program (sophomore), you can apply for direct entry into the Professional Program (PharmD). You'll need to meet the following standards to assure your spot in the Professional Program:

  • An overall 3.0 or greater GPA
  • Composite PCAT score in the 65th percentile
  • A satisfactory pre-admissions interview
  • Completion of all pre-professional coursework at D'Youville College.

Permission to take coursework off campus may be granted by the Assistant Dean of the School of Pharmacy for extenuating circumstances.

  • All pre-professional courses taken off campus must be obtained from an accredited US institution for a letter grade; Pass/Fail, online, distance learning, CLEP and foreign courses are not accepted.

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