Mission & Goals

We believe that tomorrow's pharmacists must be committed to a lifetime of learning and service to their profession and community.

The D'Youville College School of Pharmacy is a teaching and learning community of faculty, students and staff dedicated to educating tomorrow's pharmacy practitioners and advancing the profession. Through its focus on critical inquiry, research, scholarship and service, the school ensures that its graduates are qualified to enter practice as generalist practitioners who are prepared to serve their communities and their profession.

Vision and Strategic Intent

We will be one of the premier private schools of pharmacy in the Northeast in academic quality, service to society and practice innovation. Sound and forward-thinking academic, research, and resource foundations will propel the school to become the first choice for potential faculty and students, help expand the scope of the profession, and to be a vital school in an evolving D'Youville university. Graduates of the program will be highly competitive in a changing market.

The practice of pharmacy will be actively engaged as respected partners with other health professions in the delivery of direct services to patients and development of new therapies that improve health outcomes. Pharmacists will be collaborating with patients and care givers to ensure that prescribed health regimens improve and maintain the overall health of their patients.

Students will be transformed from dependent to independent learners who advocate for their profession and the health and quality of life of their communities.

Core Values

The School of Pharmacy adheres to the core values and principles of D’Youville College. In addition we bring forward the following as having particular importance to the School of Pharmacy:

  • Excellence - We pursue excellence in our teaching, scholarship and practice every day.
  • Professionalism is integral to our success.  We care and respect others, accept responsibility for our actions, and act with integrity and honesty in our interactions. We prepare students to be professionals, not employees.
  • Leadership is necessary to advance the pharmacy profession.  Valuing others, integrity, self-awareness, and personal accountability are the fundamental attributes of leaders.
  • Social responsibility is important to the profession and is demonstrated by contributing to the health and well-being of patients, the community, and at risk populations through advocacy, volunteerism and service.


  • Student-centered learning - Our efforts are focused on empowering students to gain the requisite knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to provide patient-centered care.
  • Culturally responsive care - We recognize and honor the diversity of peoples’ values and beliefs, both spiritual and secular.
  • Decision-making - We encourage personal and professional decision making in accordance with legal, ethical, social, economic, and professional guidelines.
  • Collaboration - We foster a spirit of teamwork among patients, peers, and partners, within and across disciplines, through effective communication skills and respect for the contribution of others.
  • Critical Inquiry - Faculty and students form a learning community whose members interpret, evaluate and use information discerningly from a variety of perspectives, tolerate ambiguity while understanding the complexity of many problems, issues, and topics, and transform the results of inquiry into judgments and actions.
  • Culture of Assessment - Creating a culture of assessment requires us to gather data to define problems, implement solutions, and continuously improve our work.  We consider alternative points of view and the implications of various courses of action before making decisions. 
  • Quality - We define quality practitioners as those who stand out among their peers due to their commitment to their patients, profession, and their communities.

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