Experiential Program

Experiential education (practice experience) provides students with an opportunity to receive hands-on experience at a variety of pharmaceutical care centers.

Students gain perspective on their future career through practice experience.  This exposure to a wide range of pharmacy workplaces and careers, prepares them as they transition from student to practitioner.

Students will begin practicing pharmacy as soon as they enroll. Early practice experiences allow students to:

  • Solve problems related to medications
  • Learn to communicate with patients
  • Manage themselves and others

The structure of the experiential program is become increasingly more challenging as students move through the curriculum, with the fourth year focused on all experiential learning.

The Office of Experiential Education coordinates and manages all aspects of experiential education (rotations) for the School of Pharmacy. From introductory rotations to advanced experiences with innovative and progressive pharmacy practices, the Office of Experiential Education works with students, preceptors, and faculty to ensure a highly successful learning experience. Most rotations occur in New York State, but the School of Pharmacy also offers out of state and international rotations.

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