Educational Assessment

Our assessment is based upon continuous quality improvement through a systematic process that is faculty-driven and maintains administrative support.

The Assessment Committee is charged to formulate an ongoing and longitudinal assessment plan for the D'Youville School of Pharmacy to manage the collection of assessment data, evaluate assessment data, make recommendations for improving the school's performance, and prepare reports for internal and external audiences. The Assessment Committee is to fulfill its charge in conjunction with the Director of Assessment.

Culture of Assessment

Our Committee Members:

Director of Assessment

David Gettman, PhD

Committee Chair

Stacie Lampkin, PharmD

Committee Vice-Chair


Committee Members (Faculty)

Darowan Akajagbor, PharmD

Maimoona Chinwala, PhD

Michael Cimino, BS, MS, RPh

Salvatore D'Amato (ex officio, DYC Assessment Coordinator)

Joseph Dunn, PhD (ex officio, Associate Dean of Research)

Jack Koford, RPh, MBA (ex officio, Director of Experiential Education)

Chau Nguyen, PhD

Jason Sprowl, PhD

Committee Members (Preceptor)

Tammie Lee Demler, PharmD
Director of Pharmacy Services, Buffalo Psychiatric Center

Ashley Holzworth, PharmD 
Clinical Pharmacist, HealthNow New York Inc.

Student Representatives

Jonathan Allen
Class of 2015

Joseph Bellavia
Class of 2016

Kathryn Vanvalkenburg
Class of 2017


Darlene Grillo


The Assessment Committee may also consult with Mark Eckstein and Sam D'Amato of the D'Youville College Institutional Research and Assessment Office


For suggestions or concerns regarding assessment at the School of Pharmacy, please contact Stacie Lampkin or David Gettman.

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