Clinical Clerkship

D'Youville has more than 1,500 clinical affiliations with hospitals, physician groups and HMO's across the United States.

The clinical rotation experience entails long hours of work and study for students, but it provides a safe, supervised clinical environment in which to hone individual clinical skills and help determine the area of medicine to pursue after graduation. Professional contacts made during the clinical year are an invaluable source for potential employment opportunities and job references.


The clinical phase of the program consists of a series of twelve internships that are completed within an 18-month time frame. Students complete internships in the following areas:

  • Internal Medicine (4 weeks)
  • Family Medicine (4 weeks)
  • General Surgery (4 weeks)
  • Pediatrics (6 weeks)
  • Ob/Gyn (4 weeks)
  • Psychiatry (4 weeks)
  • Emergency Medicine (4 weeks)
  • Geriatrics with an emphasis on long-term care (2 weeks)
  • Orthopedics (4 weeks)
  • Two (2) Electives (4 weeks ea.)
  • Primary Care Core (8 weeks)


Students have a broad selection of available clinical rotations in and around Buffalo and Western New York. All students will be required to complete some clinical rotations with extended daily travel during the course of the clinical cycle. Student quality experience is our utmost priority.

Community Education Project

A highlight of the clinical year is the opportunity for each student to design and implement a Community Education Project during the Primary Care Core rotation. A very important aspect of the role of a physician assistant is health promotion/disease prevention. The Primary Care project allows the student an opportunity to emphasize these attributes, and utilize individual creativity in designing and implementing this project.

Students work closely with their preceptor in identifying a project topic that is pertinent to the needs of patients at the clinical site. The student learns how to provide effective patient education about a particular topic, and utilizes the Community Education project materials as the basis for the Poster Presentation at the end of the clinical year.

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"Interprofessional Education"

The Interprofessional Clinical Advancement Center is a research and academic project that uses professional actors to create real-life patient care simulations for students. Students from eight healthcare disciplines at D'Youville College take part in the Center, including physician assistant.

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