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Because a bachelor's degree in chemistry can lead to almost limitless career possibilities, D'Youville's program offers flexibility so that you can explore related areas and find your career interest.

As a chemistry major you will learn how the material world around you works. The chemistry degree program prepares students in the traditional areas of chemistry: inorganic, analytical, physical, organic and biochemistry, and it also leaves considerable freedom for students to explore other areas or career interests.

Our degree program gives you 21 credits of free electives to explore these options. If you wanted to be a patent lawyer you could minor in pre-law. If you were thinking of becoming a doctor or a medical researcher, you could minor in biology and take the courses needed to enter medical school. Or you could simply explore some area of chemistry that interests you through directed scholarship and research with a faculty member.

Career opportunities for chemistry majors extend far beyond teaching at the high school or college level. Graduates are employed in a vast array of careers, including:

  • Research or clinical careers in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy or allied health.
  • Research and development (R&D) for manufacturing and pharmaceuticals
  • Education (secondary and higher education)
  • Research in ecology and oceanography
  • Patent law, international law, environmental law, pharmaceutical sales and management
  • Law enforcement (forensic)
  • Business
  • Patent Law

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