Sociology Program

The mission of the Sociology Program is to consider the notion of power and the complex ways in which humans make meaning. Sociology students explore the relationships between individuals and social institutions, with a focus on societal diversity. At the core of the program is the emphasis on human rights, and the belief that all individuals deserve a life of dignity and equality.

From the investigation of daily interactions to the study of broad-based global social movements, the program accentuates a concern for social justice along lines of social class, race, ethnicity, gender, and so forth. The program stresses the importance of devising solutions to social problems. Students are exposed to the substantive areas within the discipline, and within courses they develop skills in critical thinking, data collection and interpretation, and oral and written communication.

As part of their course work students apply these knowledge bases and skills out in the community. They graduate from the program with a deeper sense of self and a richer and more meaningful sense of one's place in society.

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