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Sociology Majors

A sociology degree gives you a solid liberal arts foundation for a wide range of career paths. Sociology can open doors in business or human services. You can pursue a career in criminology, counseling, healthcare management, secondary or elementary teaching, government service, or employment with non-profit organizations.

Career Opportunities

Sociology graduates can pursue entry-level positions in:

  • Teaching - elementary and secondary schools, when combined with appropriate teacher certification.
  • Publishing, Journalism and Public Relations - writing, research and editing.
  • Government Services - federal, state or local government jobs in areas such as transportation, housing, agriculture, and labor.
  • Social Services - rehabilitation, case management, group work with youth or the elderly, recreation or administration.
  • Community Work - fundraising, child care, community development, or environmental groups.
  • Corrections - probation, parole, or other criminal justice work.
  • College and university settings - admissions, alumni relations, or placement.
  • Health Services - family planning, substance abuse, rehabilitation counseling, health planning, hospital admissions, insurance companies.

The search for employment allows you to discover your talents and skills and match them to career opportunities. Pursue employment with an adventurous and calculating spirit and the position you find is likely to be personally and professionally rewarding.

Graduate Education Opportunities

An undergraduate degree in sociology can prepare you for a master's degree in sociology, law, rehabilitation counseling, social work, business management, student personnel, teaching, college administration, health education, healthcare administration, or urban planning.

Graduate schools are selective and you'll need to develop your scholarly abilities and academic skills in order to mount a competitive application. The sociology faculty and your academic advisor will work with you in planning your academic and professional future and in taking the steps to pursue your goals. This process begins during your sophomore year. If you decide to go for a graduate degree, the faculty will tailor your coursework to enhance your research and scholarly skills.

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