Psychology Careers

Psychology Majors

D'Youville's Psychology program will qualify you for many entry-level positions including work as a research or administrative assistant in academic and community mental health settings. Placements include mental health centers, vocational rehabilitation offices, medical care and correctional settings.

Employment in healthcare fields will grow the fastest in outpatient mental health and substance abuse treatment clinics. Growth is also expected in schools and public social service agencies.

The increase in employee assistance programs will also increase job opportunities for psychology graduates. The areas with the greatest career growth will likely be those that require upper level degrees. Your undergraduate studies are an excellent first step towards these career fields.

Career Opportunities

Jobs in the mental health field include:

  • activity director
  • addictions counselor
  • administrative program assistant
  • admissions counselor
  • admissions recruiter
  • adolescent care worker
  • therapy aid
  • group home residential counselor
  • supportive counselor
  • adolescent chemical dependency counselor
  • probation officer
  • foster care worker
  • service coordinator
  • behavior analyst
  • camp staff director
  • recreational center group worker
  • child care counselor
  • case manager
  • chemical dependency advocate
  • child care worker
  • community outreach coordinator
  • community service coordinator
  • crime prevention coordinator
  • daily living aid
  • applied behavior analysis specialist
  • director of a day care center
  • foster home parent
  • early childhood specialist
  • group leader
  • psychiatric center case manager
  • educational coordinator
  • youth worker
  • drug counselor
  • volunteer coordinator
  • women and children outreach worker
  • child abuse prevention Instructor
  • residential service coordinator
  • therapy aid
  • independent living specialist
  • director of human services
  • group home parent
  • developmental reading instructor
  • group home coordinator
  • house parent
  • neighborhood outreach worker
  • group home manager
  • community support counselor
  • psychology teacher
  • half-way house worker
  • adolescent crisis services residential counselor
  • hot line support counselor
  • hospital admissions counselor
  • summer program for youth director
  • park and recreational director
  • social services worker
  • geriatric specialist
  • child care worker
  • assistant youth coordinator
  • individual aid
  • work program supervisor and trainer.

Graduate Education Opportunities

If you pursue graduate studies, you may be qualified to work as a certified counselor or a licensed psychologist. You may also work in academic or research areas including developmental psychology, physiological psychology, social psychology, cognitive psychology, health psychology, industrial/ organizational psychology and forensic psychology.


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