Philosophy Program

The discipline of philosophy has been at the center of Marguerite d'Youville's vision for the College, as demanding academic excellence and service to others from its students, since 1908. The philosophy program encourages students toward a life enhanced by the understanding of tradition, the value of moral reasoning, the logical skills requisite for responsive citizenship in the human community, and a deepened appreciation for one's place in the universe.

The program offerings serve both the core curriculum and the central mission of the College by exposing students to the breadth of philosophical endeavor, from classical traditions to modern philosophical inquiry. Philosophy courses, required of all undergraduate students, also promote critical thinking skills and the practical applications of ethical contemplation. Today, when our culture is confronted with an endemic amorality on the one hand, and with the siren call of social, political, and religious orthodoxy on the other, it is imperative that students should know and appreciate both themselves and their cultural values.

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