History Program

As a component of the Division of Liberal Arts at D'Youville College, the History Program is dedicated to help the student's development as a total person. This implies not only intellectual and social development but also maturity in assessing the values essential to a sound philosophy of life. The History program serves this mission first by offering a major, which leads to a bachelor of arts degree in history and prepares the student for a wide range of endeavors in graduate programs, such as history, law, education, public service, ministry, etc.; the program also serves students who are pursuing the Social Science concentration in elementary education.

The program also offers courses in the core curriculum, serving to provide all DYC's undergraduate students with fundamental study in both history and political science. Understanding how societies have met challenges in the past is one way of helping students develop the ability to meet challenges in the present and the future. As students develop this ability, they learn to analyze context, cause and effect, and the affects that the actions of individuals and communities/governments have on each other. This study encourages students to emerge from college as enriched human beings with a love of learning and a sense of responsibility for themselves and others.

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