Tutoring Services

Professional  Tutoring

The Learning Center provides professional tutoring in reading, writing, and chemistry.

Reading & Writing

    • Professionals help students improve their skills and to increase their competence in their coursework
    • Instruction is individualized to take into account the current academic needs of the student.


  • Chemistry tutorials may be given in individual or group sessions based on student demand and instructor availability

Professional writing tutors are also available for 30 minute or one hour tutorials by appointment .

Peer Tutoring

Peer tutoring can help you excel in a class by providing one-on-one or group assistance. The Learning Center also arranges tutoring for various courses by undergraduate students.

Tip Tip: Tutoring is most effective when it occurs consistently throughout the semester.

Common Questions About Tutoring

When Should I come to the Learning Center?
» If you are earning C’s and you want to earn B’s and A’s.
» If you find that your coursework is difficult to comprehend.
» If you are failing tests and quizzes and are overwhelmed with the amount of work that you are required to complete.
Is there a tutor for the course I want help with?
Tutoring is available for most courses.
Do I need to schedule an appointment for peer or professional tutorial services?
Services are by appointment only. For professional tutoring make an appointment online .
How do I request a peer tutor?
Fill out the tutor request form (PDF)  and return it to KAB 414 or go directly to KAB 414 to make a request.
How long will it take to find a tutor for me?
Tutor requests are generally processed within three days.
Group vs. Individual Tutoring
Group tutoring is offered when several students request tutoring for the same subject. The tutor who is hired will facilitate the group and arrange the sessions.
How long is a tutoring session?
Generally sessions are 60 minutes one time per week, but our tutors are flexible and will afford students additional time if necessary.
What should I do if I need to miss an appointment?
If you cannot keep an appointment, please call your tutor 24 hours in advance. If you miss two consecutive appointments, and do not contact your tutor or the Learning Center, your scheduled session will be cancelled.
Can I become a tutor?
Yes. If you would like to be a peer tutor please complete an application (PDF) and return it to the Learning Center (KAB 414). In order to qualify to be a tutor, students need to maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher and a grade of B+ or better in the course/s they would like to tutor.


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Contact Us

Emily Buell, Tutor Coordinator
Campus location: KAB 414
Phone: (716) 829-7769

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