Documentation of a disability which enables a student to receive accommodations for academic programs and services must include the following information.

  • The presence of a disability that substantially impairs the ability of the student to perform a major life activity necessary for the academic program.
  • Recent and sufficient to document the current status of the impairment and its impact on the student's ability to perform major life activities necessary for the academic program.
  • A diagnosis, test scores and a description of the assessment procedures used.
  • The credentials of the evaluator indicating that the person is appropriately licensed or certified to make the diagnostic statement for the disability.
  • Recommendations for accommodations and academic adjustments that may be appropriate to permit the student to have access to the programs and services of the college.

Individual Education Plans which are used in Elementary and High School are not appropriate forms of documentation at the college level. Assessments by a licensed school psychologist along with a transition plan are possible appropriate forms of documentation. It is important for students to contact the Disability Services Office as soon as possible after admittance, so that proper documentation can be submitted, prior to the start of classes.

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