Internships and practicum placements provide the opportunity to apply what you've learned in class to real-life situations. You'll build your resume with professional experience, while gaining perspective on a future career and establishing valuable connections in the job market.

Undergraduate Internships

Health Services Management Students (in the health education and operations track) must complete two internships:

  • Junior year internship (fieldwork in community health and health education)
  • Senior year (advanced internship in a selected area of healthcare)
  • You'll receive academic credit for your internships

Health Analytics Majors

Two internships are built into the program and are the best ways to discover how you'll fit into a career in health analytics. You'll have opportunities to analyze real data in a range of settings such as insurance companies, hospitals and research institutions. You'll get a better understanding of your employment options, a chance to network, and an appreciation for the varied organizations that make up the healthcare system.


Graduate Internships (Practicum)

The practicum component of the graduate program connects students with healthcare leaders to bridge the gap between theory and practice. The practicum applies theories and principles of classroom learning in an area of the healthcare system. The practicum is mandatory, with a requirement of three credit hours under the supervision of a qualified preceptor and program faculty.



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