Health Analytics B.S.

Health analysts are skilled professionals who use technology to improve healthcare quality and lower costs. 

In today’s world, the ability to analyze data is becoming more and more critical, and its importance in healthcare is growing. Hospitals, nursing homes, insurance companies and other healthcare organizations all need people with the skills necessary to analyze data. 

When you major in health analytics at D'Youville, you'll get the skills and knowledge you need to join the exciting and fast-growing field of Big Data. You'll be prepared to solve problems using complex data, and you'll have the tools and methods you'll need to identify patterns, gain insight, and effectively communicate those findings to help people make better decisions about healthcare delivery.

Health analytics may be the right fit for you, if you're:

  • a curious person
  • someone who finds numbers and statistics interesting and fun
  • a thinker, who asks good questions

As a health analytics major, you'll:

      • Take courses to develop basic knowledge of medical terminology, the human body, and drugs and diseases that affect it.
      • Gain a thorough understanding of the changing healthcare industry, including healthcare practices, public health and healthcare law.
      • Study best practices in information technology and electronic health records
      • Develop deep analytical skills to predict outcomes and identify risks and opportunities
      • Study principles of management to ensure you understand the business environment
      • Learn to communicate your findings, visually and orally
      • Build your resume and gain real world experience through internships

D'Youville Advantages

        • Earn a  scholarship and a guaranteed internship with Blue Cross Blue Shield through our Health Analytics BCBS of WNY Scholarship.
        • Learn and work collaboratively with students in allied health and business programs through D'Youville's expansive academic offerings.
        • Gain a solid foundation in the liberal arts through D’Youville’s core curriculum.
        • Receive personal attention from our faculty who are not only experts in their field, but also thoughtful, caring mentors who will advise you.

Note to applicants: Be sure to check out the admission requirements for this program.

Health Analytics BCBS Scholarship

D'Youville is a proud partner with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Western New York, offering a Health Analytics BCBS Scholarship to help you fund your degree. This scholarship is good for four years and includes a guaranteed two-year internship with BCBS.  

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