Dear Prospective Student,

I thank you for your interest in the Doctoral Program in Health Administration at D'Youville. You will find our program truly unique and look forward to welcoming you in the D'Youville community.

Our program emphasizes the development of critical thinking and applied research. As a student in our program, you will not only learn the building blocks of health administration and health policy formulation, this will be accomplished by actively engaging you in the development of those skills sets required for a successful health services career. 

Students entering our program will benefit from the expertise of a varied and seasoned complement of full-time and adjunct faculty. The Health Administration faculty not only hold the highest academic credentials, but we also bring our own real-world experiences to the classroom. This combination of academic and real-world expertise allows us to not only instruct you in the theoretical, but more importantly train you to perform applied research at your desk.

Health policy formulation and healthcare services administration must be grounded in evidence which can only be derived from repeated observations garnered through research. Our goal is to demystify the research process and give you the competencies to apply the scientific method in your position so as to better meet the healthcare needs of your community.

D'Youville College's Doctoral Program in Health Administration provides healthcare professionals with the management and leadership skills demanded by today's and tomorrow's healthcare field. To do so, we provide extensive preparation in research and analysis, application of epidemiologic data, organizational behavior, communications, law and policy, and finance. The EdD prepares our graduates to meet the increasing demands of the healthcare field and to become thought leaders in their respective fields.

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