Grant Life Cycle

The D'Youville College Grant Life Cycle is designed to provide an overview of the stages, process and procedures, roles and responsibilities for collaborative and effective grants administration.

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Funding Source Identification & Pre-Proposal Review

  • Principal Investigator (PI) develops a concept for a sponsored project, and needs to identify sponsor funding sources/opportunities.
  • PI submits a Grant Interest Profile Form to notify the Institutional Advancement, Office of Grants Administration of their interest in sponsored funding support.
  • Sponsored Programs Officer (SPO) works with the PI to set-up their Sponsored Programs Information Network-SPINPlus account, create their GENIUS Profile, and activate the SMARTS electronic notification service.
  • PI reviews SMARTS notifications to identify potential funding sources which match their project interest(s), and uses GENIUS to identify potential collaborators.
  • Grants Development Officer (GDO) works with the PI to review the funding source/opportunity and complete the Pre-Proposal Clearance (Form A)
  • PI submits project proposal to Dean or Department Chair for review/approval.
  • GDO & SPO reviews the sponsor’s Application Guidelines & Instructions with the PI.
  • SPO creates the system of record for the proposed project in the institutional project and grants management database for the PI.
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