Steps for Proposal Preparation and Submission

Notify the Office of Grants Administration

Once you've identified a funding opportunity and an identified source, fill out the Grant Interest Profile Form, which will notify the D'Youville Office of  Grants Administration.


The appropriate Grants Officer will review the funding source/opportunity and assist you in completing the Pre-Proposal Clearance Form A (PDF)

Get Approval

As Principal Investigator, you must submit a copy of the proposal to your Dean or Department Chair for review/approval.


The Office of Grants Administration will review the funding sponsor's Application Guidelines & Instructions with you.


At this point, you should write your proposal in accordance with the sponsor's guidelines, instructions and deadlines. The Office of Grants Administration will work closely with you to prepare the application.

Technical and Financial Compliance

The Financial Affairs Office and the Office of Grants Administration will review the proposal and application for both technical and financial compliance.

Policy Compliance

You will need to get approval from the DYC Institutional Review Board (IRB) to assure compliance with any ethical or safety requirements, if applicable to the proposed project or research.

Final Proposal Review

After all of the above steps are complete, the Office of Grants Administration will assist you in completing and submitting the Final Proposal Review Form B (PDF).

Application Submission

Once the institution has approved the grant proposal the Office of Grants Administration will assist you in submitting the application to the sponsor.

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