Grant Life Cycle

The D'Youville College Grant Life Cycle is designed to provide an overview of the stages, process and procedures, roles and responsibilities for collaborative and effective grants administration.

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Project Administration, Performance Monitoring & Reporting

  • SPO assists PI with institutional procedures for sponsored project administration.
  • FAO manages receipt of funds from sponsor and budget allocations.
  • PI initiates and conducts approved work on sponsored project.
  • PI submits/approves project expenditures and reviews account balances with FAO.
  • FAO reviews accounts and approves project expenditure requests and documents.
  • SPO oversees project and grants management database & system of records for PI.
  • PI submits/approves effort report certification for project personnel to the SPO.
  • SPO forwards reports to FAO for management of effort reporting system.
  • PI fulfills sponsor requirements for performance, progress, and technical reporting.
  • FAO fulfills sponsor requirements for financial reporting and audit compliance.
  • SPO and FAO assists PI in preparing and submitting any budget revisions or program plan changes for institutional and/or sponsor approval when necessary.
  • PI works with GDO, SPO & FAO to prepare non-competing applications if applicable.
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