Advanced Certificates in Education

D'Youville College offers two advanced certificate programs in the field of education for students who want to specialize in an area.

The following advanced certificate programs are available to prospective candidates holding a bachelor's or a master's degree:

All courses are registered with the New York State Education Department (NYSED) and are offered in both spring and fall semesters. A certificate program can be completed in as little as two semesters (5-6 classes).

D'Youville Distinctions

  • Small class sizes with 10-15 students per class for a meaningful learning experience
  • One-to-one contact with expert teaching faculty

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

D'Youville's advanced certificate in TESOL is designed for individuals who are already licensed to teach and wish to train as ESL classroom teachers. The certificate program can open a range of job opportunities in elementary and secondary schools.

  • Individuals who already have a valid initial or professional New York State teaching certificate may earn an advanced certificate in TESOL which extends the base certification to include licensure in TESOL.
  • The certificate program consists of five academic courses on ESL teaching methods, second language acquisition and linguistics, and a 20-day student teaching practicum in an ESL classroom.
  • Fall entrants may complete the certificate in one calendar year; spring entrants can complete the certificate in three semesters.
  • Courses are offered at a reduced rate of $500 per credit.


Course # Semester 1 Credit
TSL 663 TESOL Methods 1 3
TSL 660 Applied Linguistics and Grammar 3
TSL 662 Second Language Acquisition 3
TSL 667 TESOL Methods 2 3
TSL 664 Sociolinguistics & Multiculturalism in TESOL 3
TSL 668 Practicum in Student Learning 3
  TOTAL 18

Educational Technology Specialist

D'Youville is now offering a New York State approved educational technology
specialist advanced certificate program. It is designed for students who have completed an undergraduate degree and who are interested in working in school environments with the integration of technology. 

This advanced certificate program does not require a teaching certificate for admission and does not lead to New York State certification.

Highlights of our unique program include:

  • Students can complete the program in two semesters – two courses per semester
  • Students will earn 12 credits of coursework in educational technology. 
  • Courses are offered at a reduced rate of $500 per credit


Course # Semester 1 Credit
ETS 601 Introduction to Technology in Education 3
ETS 602 Instructional Design for Educational Technology 3

Course # Semester 2 Credit
ETS 603 Multimedia Design 3
ETS 604 Technology for Special Needs 3
  TOTAL 12


Admissions Requirements

Note to applicants: Be sure to check out the application and admission requirements for this program.

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