Admissions Requirements

Canadian Teacher Program (MS)

Bachelor's Degree Requirement

All candidates for admission to the Canadian Teacher Program must have completed their bachelor's degree prior to beginning classes at D'Youville. You will be required to provide:

Prerequisite Coursework

Required coursework for admission to the program includes a total of 30 credit hours in a general education core that includes coursework in each of the following areas:

  • Artistic Expression - art, dance, music, photography, theater
  • Humanities - literature, religion, philosophy, cultural anthropology
  • Communications - communication, English, written literary analysis or composition
  • Written Expression - English, composition
  • Information Retrieval - library studies, research, computer literacy, educational technology
  • Historical & Social Science Concepts - history, anthropology, economics, psychology, sociology, political science
  • Language other than English*
  • Scientific Processes - astronomy, biology, chemistry, earth science, geology, physics
  • Mathematical Processes - algebra, geometry, calculus, number theory, statistics, probability

*Students with two full years of high school foreign language will be granted a waiver.

Childhood Education (Grades 1 - 6) Requirements

Thirty (30) of coursework in the liberal arts and sciences with a minimum of 3 credits in English, mathematics, natural science, and social studies and 3 credits in a foreign language, with a minimum grade of "C" in all the courses. If you lack the foreign language requirement, coursework may be taken concurrently at D'Youville College, at a local college or university, or at the OAC level. Students with 2 full years of high school foreign language will be granted a waiver.

Candidates will be required to take the Liberal Arts and Sciences Test, Written Assessment of Teaching Skills and Content Specialty Test sections of the New York State Teacher Certification Examination.

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