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An expected surge in the retirement of baby boomer-era educators will create high demand for new elementary and secondary teachers. Special education teachers are also needed because of the increasing number of students requiring specialized help.

D'Youville College offers a popular five-year combined degree option for freshman and transfer students who wish to get started in their career with initial certification.

Five-Year Combined Bachelor's + Master's Degrees

Begin taking graduate education courses during your third year.

B.A. Liberal Studies for Education + M.S. in Education

B.A. (in teachable subject) + M.S. in Education

*Teaching areas include Biology, Chemistry, English, History, and Mathematics.

D'Youville Advantages

  • Enjoy small classes and engaging faculty with numerous years of teaching in grades K-12
  • Begin field experience during your freshman year with elementary and high schools in the area.
  • Enter our unique five-year combined degree program as a freshman. Obtain the required master's degree so you can enter the career marketplace a full year earlier than others.
  • Earn two teaching certifications—in special education and childhood education—to become even more qualified when competing for a job.

Note to applicants: Be sure to check out the application and admission requirements for these programs.

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  • Our Students

    "I am observing classrooms and working with teachers to gain hands-on experience."
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  • Our Students

    "The great thing is that the professors have the success of their students in mind."
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    Adding a Spanish minor to your degree plan will make you more marketable in the job market.
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    DYC has partnered with West Buffalo Charter School to create an early childhood tennis program.
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